WholyFit at WoodsEdge

Beautiful New Campus
Like a Retreat Center!
25131 Gosling Road

  9:30 AM
Room:  Main Floor, Live Kid's Zone

Do something good for your body, soul and spirit!


Ongoing Group Classes: 
Community Outreach to Men and Women
Public and Beginners Welcome! 
Church membership is NOT REQUIRED.

Monday night 7:00 PM
Saturday morning 9:30 PM

Ongoing Exercise Support Group:
Women's Exercise and Support Group
If you need more than exercise - you need motivation too!

Call Laura to join. 281-703-3138 or show up.

Wed. Morning 9:30  AM

(from the old church campus) 
Go left on The woodlands Parkway (away from the Mall)
Go LEFT on Gosling
Follow for about 2 miles
WoodsEdge is on the right!

Use front door entrance, turn right after the coffee shop.  We're in the big room with walls of windows at the far end. 

Class Descriptions:
Gentle Body Power:  
Christian Alternative to Yoga
Mon, Wed, Sat Classes
A fun and highly EFFECTIVE exercise system including core strength and flexibility exercises that is self-paced and multi-level.  Your certified instructor is trained to make sure each exercise just right for your body.  Scripture memorization offered as an option for a true mind/body experience that's better than Yoga!

Slo Flo: 
Christian Alternative to Tai Chi
Included in Warmup of some classes
Extremely gentle 10 minute cardio warmup that is great for arthritis and asthma sufferers, and also combats depression and chronic fatigue.  Slo Flo is also effective in stability training, combatting fear of falling.  Slo Flo has OPTIONAL advanced options for experienced practitioners.  

K700:  Low Impact Kickboxing
NEW Classes Forming. Call Laura at 281-703-3138
Burn up to 700 calories per hour!  Kick up the fun with this easy to follow, cardio class that teaches correct form and safety as well as practical self defense techniques. K700 is easy to learn.  Introductory Seminar: January 10, 2009.

Contact Us

1. Come to first class 30 minutes early to register.
2.  Donation to WoodsEdge is $25 for 6 classes, payable before first class
3.  Liability release form will be signed BEFORE participation in any WholyFit class

Faculty Bios and Credentials:
Visit us at: www.wholyfit.org

See You There!

In Jesus,
Laura Monica

May the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, and keep you fit - body, soul and spirit - for the return of our Master, Jesus Christ.

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