The following prophetic word was delivered at Heirs Covenant Church of Cincinnati by the Apostle and senior pastor of that assmebly.  I beleive it is a word for the Body of Christ for this hour and am pleased to share it with you.  This is the day for the Church to arise and take her rightful place.  Be blessed.     


  “Seek Me with all your heart and you will find Me, says the Lord.  For these are days in which I’m drawing and I’m calling you into new places.  And there’s some unfamiliar ground that you will have to walk upon.  But I will lead you and I will guide you, says the Lord.  For I have purposed to bring you into a new place, a different place in Me.  It will impact your surroundings and things will begin to look very different.  Know that it is Me that is shifting and that is changing and that is rearranging. 

For it’s in this hour and in this season that I Am calling My church to a new place.  I have suffered long and waited patiently, and now I Am moving quickly, says the Lord. For there is much that weighs in the balance before the end of time and all that are Mine will be Mine, says the Lord.

And so I Am moving swiftly throughout the earth, and you will hear and you will see things and you will wonder, ‘What is this?’ and ‘Why is this?’  But know that I Am moving, and when I move the earth moves. 

For I have purposed to establish My kingdom in the earth in the way that I have intended.  Think it not strange the places where you will find yourself. Be willing to walk through the seasons of inconvenience for My sake and for My glory.  Be willing to stand in face of opposition, knowing that I Am your shield and your buckler. I have you. No man can hurt you. You’re in My hands.

I Am shifting and those who hear Me know that I Am shifting, and they are shifting with Me.  It is My desire that My body, My whole body, My church , My whole church, align itself with that which I Am doing in these days.

What has been common will be common no more.  What has been familiar will be part of your distant past.  I Am releasing My grace for you to step into the places where I Am calling you today, says the Lord.  I Am setting you free from worries and cares. I Am setting you free from bondages and hindrances that you would no more be encumbered.  But you must also lay aside every weight and sin; for, together you and I will accomplish great things, says the Lord.

 I have purposed to pour out My glory in the earth like never before.  My glory will break forth from vessels that have been tried and tested, and through great testing, have allowed Me to become so large in them that now it’s time to come forth and break forth.

You must trust Me, says the Lord.  You must trust Me with everything –yes, even your life.  I have not failed you and I will not fail you.  My word is everlasting and everything that I have spoken will come to pass. Everything that I have written is true.

Remain faithful!  Remain faithful!  Do not allow yourself to become so wearied that you have little time for Me.  Remain faithful!  For as you set aside the time, I will renew your strength. I will refresh you. I will strengthen you.  But you must remain faithful. My word is sure; My covenant is eternal.  I hold up My end; I need you to do the same.

The world as you know it is moving into yet more perilous times. Men’s hearts will faint, but you who know Me will stand. And I will bless you and I will strengthen you and I will protect you.  You will weather the things that seemingly would cause other men to fall. You will be the light and you will be the salt that I have said you would be in the earth.

It is time now for you to arise out of your slumber and out of your sleep.  It’s time now for you to arise out of your complacency and your apathy.  It’s time for you to arise out of the cares that you allow to overtake you and come to the place that I have established for you. For it is a high place in Me, says the Lord.  It is a place where the enemy cannot get to.  It is a place where My power is greater than you’ve ever known.  It is a place where you will see all that I have in store.  It is your place of peace.  It is a place of surrender; it’s a place of rest.

Come with Me, says the Lord.  For time is running out; the days are shorter than you think. The time you thought you once had has now been compressed.  I’m doing a quick work.  I’m doing a quick work. Allow Me to do a quick work in you so that all that I have set before you to do will be accomplished, and when you stand before Me, you will hear Me say, ‘Well done!”