Dear Friends in Christ,

I am sending you an important prayer alert from Vicki Corley, an intercessor in Texas.  The prayer alert is in regard to Maharishi’s plan to set up his Transcendental Meditation Centers throughout Austin and the state of Texas (as well as our nation).

As the body of Christ, we have an opportunity to shut the door in the heavenlies to this clear and perverted strategy of the enemies to duplicate the houses of prayer that are being set up all across Austin and the state (God's plans).  We know, in heaven there is no such thing as Transcendental Meditation (Jesus prayer and desire "on Earth as it is in Heaven").  So scriptures tells us "whatever is bound in heaven shall be bound on earth" ..this is done through our lips as we decree for the plans of the enemy to be bound. Scripture also tells us "Whatever is loosed in heaven shall be loosed on earth"  ...this is also done through our lips in decreeing/loosing God's promises over our city/state.  So I am asking for 30 intercessors to commit to daily prayer of agreeing with heaven in BINDING the enemies plans and casting them into the sea and LOOSING the plans of Heaven, His prayer rooms all over the city of Austin and the State of Texas.   We need 30 people to set their hearts like flint until Maharishi removes his people from our city and state.  I will be one of them.

We need to set our eyes on Him and set our heart on His plans for Austin and be resolved with the spirit that says -  "NOT ON OUR PRAYER WATCH" will this happen to our city and state!!

The Word shows us what happens when we TOLERATE the enemies plans/ways; it spreads throughout the camp like a cancer.  

 In the story of Balaam, there was no way the Moabite king could get Balaam to curse the Israelites because they were under God's protection/blessings... until they TOLERATED the Moabite women and allowed them in their camp, and eventually the women lead the men into worshipping their false gods, which disabled the protection over the people and many were cursed (Numbers 22-25).  What looked harmless became a cancer and infected many of the Israelites (24,000 were killed by a plague).

The Lord also showed me that when Jesus turned the tables in the temple, it showed the sin that the Pharisee's, Scribes, Chief Priest accepted or TOLERATED in the temple.  Evidently, they didn't think it was a big deal to have the money changers/thieves on the Temple grounds selling their goods - hence forth allowing the evil spirit to manifest in the Temple.  Jesus then shows us the heart of the Father and his ZERO tolerance for Sin in His house.  Jesus overturns the tables and CAST OUT the enemy (the scheme of the enemy) because He did not at all tolerate the sin/plans of the enemy, which gave Him authority over it. 

Let us agree with heaven, use our authority like Jesus did, overturn the plans of the enemy and cast out the principality/power behind this enemy/spirit that plans to invade our city through Maharishi’s team of people.  Remember, we are seated in high places through Christ - so let us Shut the door to the enemy in our city/state!  God has better plans for Austin, our He has called it "Beautiful, Set apart for Him." (See below for the prayer instructions) God bless!

Daniel Geraci


Dear Texas Intercessors,

I wanted to alert you to a gathering of at the Austin Transcendental Meditation Center this Sunday evening, September 16, at the Rio Grande Center. What’s important about this gathering is that there will be a conference call with the newly appointed Rajas (administrators) over Texas: Raja John and Susel Fagan. And they will be reviewing how to strengthen Maharishi’s programs in the Austin area, as well as a possible move of Austin TM Centers to more ideal locations. Pray as led, and also see prayer suggestions.

(FYI - Maharishi’s is trying to set up a “Global Country” around the nation)

Chief Jay Swallow says that even though demonic land has been claimed through prayer journeys, etc., it’s still important to maintain spiritual gains by periodically going on the land and worshipping on it.


1. Prayer for key persons: Pray, in particular, that God will disconnect their mantras from every demonic spirit, power & principality. Pray that God will remove veils of deception and shine the light of the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ into their hearts.

 Continue praying for these people on an on-going basis—especially Howard Steele, who is single-handedly subsidizing large numbers of full-time professional meditators in Fairfield. This is money going out of Texas. Call it back into Texas for God’s purposes!

Howard Steele--the Texas millionaire, who is subsidizing, at $600 per person per month, over 600 (and growing) advanced meditators in Fairfield to do 6-7 hours a day of meditation as part of an on-going Invincible America Course. That’s over $360,000 a month!

 John & Susel Fagannewly appointed Texas Rajas (administrators).

 Catherine & Jim DavisChairmen of the Austin TM Center

 Bob & Maureen WinnRajas over the Southwest region of the U.S.

 2. Prayers, in general.

--Pray that God dismantle every stronghold & strategy of the enemy in Texas—that he uproot this movement. Pray that he sever the transfer of all power, wealth, and demonic communication between Texas and Fairfield IA, the Capital of Maharishi’s “Global Country” in the U.S.

--Pray truth into the above key persons and into every meditator in Austin and Texas: Pray that God is sovereign over all of creation; He alone is the creator and he alone is the true light; God is an omnipresent being wholly possessed by three persons; Thus, God is relational, and he loves each person on earth with a holy passion; Jesus Christ, who was born of the flesh, is the truth, the way, and the light; Each person in his innermost being years for a relationship with the Most High God.