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goto: http://MTMThailand.injesus.com, scoll down to "Messages" & Click on "Join US to Give back to Thailand's Kids 2007". 

Muay Thai Missions Sponsorship - 2007

Muay Thai Missions is going to provide you with an opportunity to give to those in need. We have selected 30 children who live in a slum, in the Krabi Province of Southern Thailand. We are currently reaching out to these children with weekly ESL- English as Second Language & outreach activities. This provides the kids with hope and a future. 
Will you help us give??
Below we have pictured sponsorship candidates with a brief bio/description. Please consider giving $25.00 this Holiday Season. Your giving will provide your sponsor child with a holiday party, activities, set of new clothes and gift desired.
Who can give? 
Consider having your small group, book club or social group come together to sponsor a child(ren). Maybe your employer provides monies allocated every Christmas to those in need. Or you can put a work pool together to sponsor. We especially appreciate families that involve their child(ren) in sponsorship during this season.
Sponsor Candidates 2007

Name:Pornpipat Phetmark
Nickname: Sun
Gift: clothes/building blocks
MTM: #001
Name: Sunisa Noonparn
Nickname: Aom
Age: 4
Gift: big bear
MTM: #002
Name: Parnrapee Junsongsang
Nickname: Pee
Age: 2
Gift: clothes/stuffed animal
MTM: #003
Name: Pradipha Sukmeechai
Nickname: Nan
Age: 4
Gift: big bear
MTM: #004
Name: Garawan Buajun
Nickname: Meen
Age: 3
Gift: clothes/toy
MTM: #005
Name: Gorawit Buajun
Nickname: Film
Age: 3
Gift: air plane toy
MTM: #006
Name: Kunanon Buajun
Age: Phil
Nickname: 6
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #007
Name: Jatiphum Sukmeechai
Nickname: Gig
Age: 8
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #008
Name: Mookarin Yaithong
Nickname: Mook
Age: 7
Gift: clothes/Barbie accessory
MTM: #009
Name: Montathip Krinara
Nickname: Puk-bong
Age: 5
Gift: big bear
MTM: #010
Name: Chaiyapong Nontasri
Nickname: Com
Age: 4
Gift: clothes/toy truck
MTM: #011
Name: Warat Nontasri
Nickname: Kim
Age: 10
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #012
Name: Chatchai Nontasri
Nickname: Can
Age: 7
Gift: clothes/action figure
MTM: #013
Name: Nattawat Nontasri
Age: Guy
Nickname: 12
Gift: clothes/game boy
MTM: #014
Name: Apisit Sammuang
Nickname: Odd
Age: 12
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #015
Name: Gunlaya Chuthong
Nickname: Oil
Age: 14
Gift: clothes/MP3
MTM: #016
Name: Nalin Chuthong
Nickname: Joy
Age: 3
Gift: big bear
MTM: #017
Name: Dumgueng Chuthong
Age: 7
Nickname: Gueng
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #018
Name: Bordin Chuthong
Nickname: Din
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #019
Name: Wasan Inchuy
Nickname: Pan
Age: 11
Gift:control car-toy
MTM: #020
Name:Karnjane Bonjunkhew
Nickname: Mu
Age: 7
Gift: big bear
MTM: #021
Name: Muthita Gamoonjun
Nickname: Khawn
Age: 3
Gift: big bear
MTM: #022
Name: Manatsa Yerramun
Nickname: Mew
Age: 12
Gift: clothes/camera
MTM: #023
Name: Thawatchai Suksai
Nickname: Tho
Age: 10
Gift: clothes/skates
MTM: #024
Name: Chaiwat Suksai
Nickname: Tha
Age: 7
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #025
Name: Juntima Suksai
Nickname: Daow
Age: 4
Gift: big bear
MTM: #026
Name: Supaporn Phetmark   
Nickname: Mook
Age: 6
Gift: big bear
MTM: #027
Name: Natawut Sriwiriyawong
Nickname: Tao
Age: 12
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #028
Name: Surasak Sangthong
Nickname: Bomb
Age: 4
Gift: control car-toy
MTM: #029
Name: Katamas Sukchana
Nickname: Beer
Age: 15
Gift: clothes/cd player
MTM: #030

Sponsorship quick and easy!!
Paypal: Use 2007mtm@gmail.com or email us and we will send request.
Make checks payable to: 

P.O. BOX 30, CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA. 95611-0030
TAX I.D. #: 83-0400942
On behalf of Muay Thai Missions and the United Agape Foundation. I would like to personally say “thank you” for helping us, bring a moment of joy to these little ones, during this holiday season. 
Sawasdee krab & Phra JAO uay pon,
Daniel C. Docto aka "DOC"