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Sunday Message
Pastor Wayne Clabaugh
In the WORD/In The Garden - Matthew

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Well Good morning and welcome to this Sunday Edition of In The Garden. I'm sure for the most part everyone has been watching right along with the world concerning the elections here in the US and what my be the outcome. We're going to be talking about that here in a moment but before we do that listen to this song and see if it tells you where we're at here in the US. and then I'll be right back following the song with today's message.

Scripture Text: "Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus;" Hebrews 3:1 (KJV)

I can't help but wonder what would have happened if Jesus was running for President this year. What would be his platform. Would there need to be a health care package on the table? What about the issue of same-sex marriage: how do you suppose He would address that? As for Abortions and the right to life; what do you think would be His stance on that? Well there's no need to wonder because He's made it abundantly clear in His Word.

The problem is, people are tired of having to pay the high cost of health care or go without and face the possibility of even dying should they not be able to get the meds they need. Oh but Jesus would just touch them and they would be healed if He were president - right? Well, not if they didn't want Him to. The Bible tells us in Mathew 13 that Jesus came to His own city where he had brothers and sisters and family and friends and yet look at verse 58. It says, "And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief."

As for the issue of same-sex marriage and the right to life. Have you ever thought how today's modern society would receive His message? The News media would, I'm sure, make light of the fact that He calls Himself the Son of God. I'm sure they would make reference to his being a lowly carpenter's son make innuendos surrounding the strange circumstances of His "so-called' virgin birth. I can hear the political pundits even now as they sit in panel form taking cheap shots at the mother Mary and probably making reference to the millions of coins Jesus must have pulled out of the fishes mouth to pay for His campaign thus far. "Oh sure ... the public is certainly going to believe that one". "The question," they will say is, "where did the money come from?" I'm sure someone will be glad to investigate another religious leader who is "doing well".

But when it all comes down to super-delegates and the last couple of candidates are standing with their hands raised and their promises all spelled out ... there is only one that has literally given His all for mankind - not just this country. He loves the Iraqis, He loves the Iranians, the Pakistanis, the Chinese the Japanese, HE LOVES THE WHOSOEVER WILL - and He laid down His life to give them the greatest change, the greatest hope, and the greatest life they could ever have. But will they choose Jesus?

Some will and some won't.

It makes me wonder how the spirit and soul of the Christian today, who jumps on the Obama "bandwagon of change" or the "Hillary-scope of endless promises", can stand in the mirror and comb their hair in the morning, or brush their teeth and then give their best smile for looks. Then when they turn out the bathroom light and grab their car-keys and walk to the door and lock it as they leave the house to head for the office ... I can't help but wonder if it matters at all that Jesus has been forgotten in all of the "causes of life", and that man has found in himself a New CHRIST that did not need to die for their sins; that did not need to bleed on their behalf as a great sacrifice; that did not need to raise from the dead - alleviating all sense of speculation regarding religion and thereby placing a firm grip on "the wonder of man as a god" who does not need organized religion nor doctrine nor as Chairman Mao-Tse-tung once called it, "the Opium of the masses".

I do not see a candidate that I would choose to endorse this time around, but I do see a God that I cannot let down. I do see a cause that is bigger than myself and I will vote for Jesus. Yes I will vote in this election and it will be for the one and only candidate that has stood firm against Abortion and stood firm against "same-sex" marriage and has stood firm against human stem-cell research. I will vote for the one and only candidate that will not say as did Senator McCain, that He believes that the Bible is nothing more than folk-lore even though he believes in God.

My vote will be a write-in vote most-likely, but there is one thing we must all do this election year and in fact we need not wait until November ... we can vote for Jesus in all that we do right NOW! We can stand up and say we will not except the choices of a Nation who is running on adrenalin instead of the Biblical principles for which this nation is founded. It is time to seriously consider the cost of this all important election and do the right thing - even if it means writing in your candidate for President. Now let me say that I am not asking you to write in Jesus' Name, that will get us any where. But what I am asking you to do is vote for Jesus by not voting for the top 3 that are spinning their webs of deception even as we speak. I am asking you to pray and ask God if health care is more important than countless babies that will be murdered unencumbered by law; and the massive run to unite gay and heterosexual alike and as Obama has said "fight off the special interest groups that would wage fear tactics against the rights of all mankind to live as they choose". I am asking you to seek the Lord on your knees and be sure that your vote is not just for a person who is running for this all-important office of the land, but that your vote is first and foremost - for Jesus when you select the man you know should run this country.

Now I know the ramifications of writing such a message and posting it on my web-site. I know that In The Garden could disappear tomorrow, and our radio station where this message will be aired could be closed down because of the content of this message. But this message is more important than any message I will ever give or ever have given in my life. I am following the Lord's lead here and vote for Jesus by making separate write in name for president and at the very least I pray that you will consider Jesus and the basic principles of God's Word before you vote whether it be this Tuesday in the Caucus or in November at the General election. We must make our stand for Jesus here or Christianity as you know it now, will be sorely persecuted in the coming months.

Let's Pray.

Father: I realize the risk that I am taking by sending out such a communiqu