It would be nice to hear about your fasting breakthroughs with Jesus.


Hi, The best place to look is in the Scriptures for the effects of fasting!

However, I will mention a few examples from my circle of contacts:-

Person A ... fasted for 21 days on bottled water. Result :
vivid dream of war which started shortly thereafter.

Person B ... fasted for 21 days only eating normally once a day at night. Result : revelation from God's Word and used of God in powerful deliverance.

Person C ... fasted total fasts (about 1 day ) and partial fasts ( up to 5 or 6 days ) over a period of time. Result : release from the mental health system and now has had a normal job for a few years.

Person D ... fasts 4.75 days every week ( partial fasts ) for several years now. Result : continous stream of dreams and visons and does street witnessing 4 days / week.

Hope this is helpful!

Deliverance Testimony