Testimony of Healing

at the Florida Outpouring in Lakeland!

Elsa Jurek, from Sweetwater Christian Fellowship, testified from the platform at the Florida Outpourting tonight about her healing.  She was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery TODAY, July 1, but instead she cancelled the surgery and went to the revival!  God healed her hip totally!  She was also interviewed by God TV.

There were also several other healing testimonies from people from TEXAS.  God is getting ready to do something in TEXAS!!

You can go to www.freshfire.ca and look up the archives for July 1.  (It takes a couple of days for them to be loaded.)

A group of 17 from Sweetwater, including Buck and many of our youth, are at the Outpouring now.  They'll all be back this Sunday and will be testifying about what happened there. 

Come join us Sunday morning at 10:45!  (We'll be having lunch and fellowship after the service.  We're just asking people to bring something to share at the lunch, if possible.)