PAFN  Supplement                    2008 September 17




Question For House of Commons re : Tony Rollins Arrest

The Freedom Of Speech Amendment was passed on May 7, 2008. So why was Tony Rollins arrested in Birmingham on June 25, 2008 and went through appalling treatment by the police, courts, and newspapers? Details of the case are found at:-  &

A Christian associate of ours is trying to get a question asked in the House Of Commons about the new May, 2008 Law.  Please pray.

Bomb and Other Threats

Hi Michael,  … Sorry we have not been in touch before.  My wife and I have had our own spiritual battles to deal with.  Could you please get the folks to pray on the PAFN Website.  We have been suffering both religious and racially aggravated harassment, which escalated into a lighted petrol bomb being thrown at our property, whilst we were still in it, along with two police officers at the time, and this did not deter the perpetrators.
We had been witnessing about the Lord Jesus Christ to a young man within the community.  We then started to get trouble from members of his family who live round about us.  First it started with Jewish anti-Semitism slogans, then criminal damage to our home.  And then black paint strewn all over the front of our home (brickwork, upvc windows and doors and concrete pathway).  I was also assaulted outside our home at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.  These same perpetrators were let off with a final warning last October 2007, but the harassment did not stop.  These same people attempted to run both of us over.  This then escalated in a lighted petrol bomb being thrown at the house 27th of July 2008.  Two Police Officers were in the house at the time.   Gregory


Doreen Irvine

Yesterday Doreen Irvine called and told me she had just come out of hospital with heart trouble and has just written some new poems for posting on the web site.