Muay Thai Island Amazing South Thailand !!
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We trained at a New Muay Thai Camp that is in the Paradise Sea of Ao Nang Krabi,
it is truly Amazing and the workout ring sets on the sunset side of the beach!!
The head trainer there is Kru Hlukhin, he was a champion fighter at Rajadamern and Lumpinee Stadiums,
retired at 25 years of age and then came back at 30 years old and won another Thailand championship at age 32
plus he has won over 50 western Boxing fights!! He is 38 years old now, living on a paradise beach and
teaching Muay Thai with passion; plus he speaks excellent English. I love his style, he was born in Southern Thailand
and teaches many South Muay Thai moves and training techniques. 
If you want to experience Muay Thai Island, see South Thailand’s paradise then
feel free to contact me.
Muay Thai Island:


“Hard as Diamonds” & “soft as silk” !!
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Are you really Muay Thai??

Muay Thai fighters are known as “Hard as Diamonds and as Soft as Silk”.
Toughness, strength, power, hardness is only one side of the coin in Muay Thai, many can understand
and learn this side of Muay Thai. BUT there is another side; being Soft, Smooth as Silk, gentle, feminine,
humble and meek is the other side of Muay Thai and most in the Western World do not understand this.
Very few people take the time to understand that most of the Muay Thai Champions in Thailand are the hardest,
toughest and strongest athletes on the planet BUT at the same time they are feminine, soft, humble and
have a servant’s attitude. The true power in Muay Thai is this Soft side because it allows faster movements,
quicker reaction time, a greater awareness of fighting techniques and the result is Muay Thai power.
Muay Thai is a Sport and the ancient teachers of Muay Thai had one main purpose for this Sport- to build
and strengthen one’s HEART. In Muay Thai it is really all about your HEART. Can you control it, can you pull
strength from it, can you keep it calm and it a losing situation can you pull from your HEART in order to be a winner!!
With this focus a Kru in Muay Thai, Kru means teacher, said, “When you can fight your best friend … you have
achieved one of the highest levels of Muay Thai. When a person understands the HEART of Muay Thai they see
their opponent is truly themselves and the person they are fighting is just a tool to make their HEART bigger.”
Very few people understand this about Muay Thai.
Muay Thai Paradise Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand:
Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium MAP:
Muay Thai in Black Belt Magazine USA !!
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Did you see our Muay Thai article in Black Belt USA magazine October 2008??

Check out the “Knives of Muay Thai”
and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. ;-)
INFO about “Doc” in the Krabi Magazine.
I think it is good for YOU to know who is writing this article, it will give you even more insight to Muay Thai and
the Muay Thai family in Ao Nang Krabi. My name is Daniel C. Docto aka “DOC”, I have been living in Ao Nang Krabi
for over one year now, have been in Thailand for three years and I am from the East Bay of San Francisco California – USA.
I was a total “Macho Guy” in America, I played USA Football for seven years, I practiced American Boxing,
did full contact Martial Arts from Japan, Korea and China and I was a School Champion. I won awards for leadership
and fitness in the Army and I was in the 3rd and the 12th Special Forces Air Borne Unit in California.
I was a Nor-Cal 1993 Kickboxing Champion, 1994 Muay Thai Instructor and in 1996 I became a Senior Muay Thai Instructor
under Kru Vut Kamnark. My wife, Zina, became one of the first women Muay Thai Instructors in the USA and my son, D.J.,
was one of the youngest Muay Thai Instructors in the USA. We owned CKC – Concord Kickboxing Club for 12 years,
it was committed to pure Muay Thai and we did seminars all over America.
I taught Muay Thai fitness in over 40 facilities, did many Self-Defense seminars and I also taught Tai Chi and Yoga
classes for health. I am a certified Health Minister and I have done many Health Seminars from a
Creator’s/ Designer’s point of logic ... Got Health??
Before I came to Thailand, I was working as a Police Officer at San Quentin California State Prison,
I worked in condemned and death row facilities. I also won awards for leadership and fitness in my police academy.
I was blessed to be sponsored by Fairtex Muay Thai to come to Thailand, I know Yodsenklai Faitex who won the First
Contender Asia in Singapore and I lived and trained in Pattaya Thailand for 1.5 years. Now I train and do English
announcing at Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium and I have trained in over 15 Muay Thai gyms all over Thailand
… which one is the best??
People from all over the world have come to train with us in Ao Nang Krabi, I trained Keith Scott from New Zealand
and he just did his first Muay Thai fight at Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium. Lastly, I write Muay Thai articles in
magazines and this is a good sample of what I like to share with people.
With all that said, I have been humbled and have learned so much about life and Muay Thai being here in Ao Nang Krabi.
In my opinion, I love Southern Thailand and God willing I will die here in Ao Nang Krabi. This paradise beach and island
place still has the feel of old and country Thailand and I have especially found that in the Muay Thai family here.
If you want to truly experience Muay Thai and/ or want to ask me anything about Muay Thai or living in Ao Nang Krabi
please feel free to contact me.
See you at the FIGHTS – Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium. J
Daniel C. Docto aka “DOC” Thai Cell: 087-810-2177
“Doc” & the Muay Thai Monkey:



sinbi mauy Thai camp in phuket !!


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I had an awesome privilege to train with Kru Sinbi at his new and amazing Muay Thai Camp
at the South end of Phuket Island Thailand. Many German people were there training, I had
some great workouts and they have a good training team there. They were organized and
they will train you for a fight in Phuket.
“Doc” training at Sinbi Muay Thai Camp in Phuket:
Ao Nang Community Center is open !!
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We just moved in a new building, fixed it up and we start to bless the community now. ;-)
We are trying to give back to Thailand, make a difference in our community and to be a positive movement in our city.
We will be teaching English and Thai language lessons. Doing youth and child activities. We will offer dance, fitness
and Muay Thai lessons. PLUS we will be a neutral meeting place to bring people and unity to support the needs in our area.
Want to HELP??
Ao Nang Community Center MAP:
Rap singer fights in ao Nang krabi !!
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You can FIGHT in Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand!!
Rap Singer Videos from New Zealand – this is KEITH in action!!

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ao Nang krabi has got some K.I.C. now !!
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Zina B. Docto, my wife, started a Ao Nang Krabi Community Network and it is called
K.I.C. = Krabi International Club. We just had our first meeting, it was amazing,
we ate an International Sea Food Buffet and YES it was good!! There was about 60
people there and all of them live in beautiful Ao Nang Krabi. Great things will happen
through K.I.C. and it is only the beginning. ;-)

Phra JAO uay pon, God bless,

Daniel C. Docto aka DOC. :-)