Isaiah 5:18-24;       SIN,        Blindness;


Prosperity changes our values, but not God’s.  The crooked life of sin (‘awon;) is so heavy people have to become like oxen yoked to carts to pull it.  Such dedication to sin blinds us to God’s actions.  Only sin gives rash courage to taunt God and demand action from Him.  Sin began with the desire to know good and evil (Ge. 3:5-6).  Sin totally confuses the two so they become indistinguishable.  Sin calls such confusion, “wisdom.” Sin must excel, for it knows no humility.  Sadly, such sinful persons too often exercise government power and use their positions and wealth to turn justice upside down.  All such sin begins when people refuse to trust God’s Word, obey His will, and be holy like the holy One.


(Disciple’s Study Bible;        Holman Bible Publishers)


~ and their flowers blow away like dust; ~


 and as dry grass sinks down in the flames, so their roots will decay ~