Please consider supporting this worthy cause. I personally know Rev. Joe and his wonderful work and do hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. COMPASS does a wonderful work in reaching many who seek help and support.
Thank you!
Jean TMN

There Is An Epidemic Of Abuse In Our Society Today!

COMPASS is a nonprofit charity that goes to schools, parks and recreation sites, churches, and other children and youth organizations, presenting programs on Sexual Abuse & Prevention and
Domestic & Dating Violence. Think of it, potential victims are being given the very information that may keep them from becoming one of statistics.

We need 350 prepaid applications for a stop child abuse special interest VA license plate before the plate will go into productions. $10.00 of the annual $25.00 fee goes to the state, $15.00 will go to our nonprofit to help fight the epidemic of child abuse in our society.
Please fill out the application found at to purchase one of these impacting plates.
** Please note that though the required amount has not been reached yet by the date stated on this website, we are still pushing to have it completed and believe that the goal will be reached and the plate will be available with your help!

Thank you!! Contact: Joseph Paluszak
Phone: (757) 430-8686

For more information or for any answers to your questions.
God Bless