Christ’s Hope International, PRAYER REPORT for APRIL 2010

*****Day of Prayer and Fasting*****Monday 12 April 2010*****


Christ’s Hope International – HEADQUARTERS OFFICE NAMIBIA

* The Lord is giving us a spirit of unity and the ability to work together as a team to process the needs and work of the office.
* We continue to interact with local Christian organizations, churches and schools - building a strong presence in the community.
* Channels are beginning to open for country support through the ministry audits that have been conducted by the Secretary of the International Board and the Chief Financial Officer.

* Pray that the funds needed to complete the ministry audits will be provided by the Lord to continue so we can effectively support the ministry in the Ministry Countries.
* Pray for more staff to fill the posts in the International Office so we can accomplish more and share the work load.
* Pray that the work that has begun will continue and Country Directors and Staff on the ground will see that the IO - Namibia is working on their behalf.
Blessings, Catherine Duran

Christ’s Hope International – BELGIUM
* Progress has been made to strengthen the Country Board of Trustees by appointing administrative help and an assistant Treasurer.
* After many months of convincing a Belgium Commercial Bank that we are not a terrorist or subversive organization, funds were transferred for ministry to the DRC. THIS IS A BIG BLESSING.
* Another parcel has been sent to the DRC to make life just a little easier for Glenn and Esther.
* Negotiations are under way to recruit a Belgian music group to represent the ministry in Europe.

* For the ongoing challenge to find people committed to Jesus to serve as Board Members.
* To fulfill the mission of Christ’s Hope as a Mobilization Country with so few real followers of Jesus amongst the populace.
* That the negotiations with the christian music group will lead to them representing Christ’s Hope International in churches, schools and other ministry opportunities.

Christ’s Hope International – D. R. CONGO
* For His continuous provision of all our needs, His guidance and protection.
* Our 5-year Strategic Plan has been completed and is ready for adoption by the Board.
* HALLELUJAH our 3-Year Work Visas have been approved! As a prerequisite to get our 3-year visas we have to leave the DRC and come back. After consultation with the ID’s Office we will be in South Africa for a short, well deserved break in April.
* Our amazing God has provided for us through the Belgian Government by returning all the tax which we should not have paid last year.
* A very good friend has undertaken to help us to develop a financial system that will help us to be more transparent using international accounting standards.

* That the Board will take the time to prepare well for the next Country Board Meeting at which the Strategic Plan will be adopted and approved.
* We have realized that the Country Office must expand to operate more smoothly therefore a CFO must be found as a matter of urgency. Let’s trust the Lord for the right person.
* Founding and establishing a NGO in the DRC is very different from most other countries and therefore we need wisdom in establishing the best possible structure to operate in.
* The possibility to raise funds within the country to do the ministry is a huge opportunity and we need to depend upon the Lord to show us the best way how to “tap” into this resource.
* The enemy is at work and we are not immune to it: Please pray for our protection in all areas of life. Working “alone” in a country where real followers of Jesus are hard to find often leads to doubts and questioning God as to whether what is being done is what He wants. We cannot deny His active intervention in our lives and ministry, yet we sometimes feel very alone and out on a limb. Pray that God will sustain and guide us. Thank you for your prayers.
Glenn and Esther van Tieghem

Christ’s Hope International – GERMANY
* We were able to do a joint project with the Netherlands in sending a container to Tanzania.
* A number of very good contacts were made by displaying the ministry at various mission conferences last month.
* Through a number of miraculous interventions the Lord provided the funding to purchase a new laptop for the Country Director.
* Julia Pleher, our long term volunteer serving in Namibia, was on holiday in Germany and we thank the Lord for her input and feedback of what He is doing through Christ’s Hope in the various Ministry Centers in Namibia.
* Positive responses were received from listeners who heard the presentation of the ministry on a Christian radio station covering the entire country.

* As a result of attending the various mission conferences a number of opportunities to present the ministry on a more “personal” basis to each Bible College has arisen. We believe that some of these will eventually end in teaching Choose to Wait and many students will go to serve as individual volunteers and teams in our Ministry Countries.
* We need more local churches to allow us to present the ministry to their congregations.
* Julia returns to Namibia on April 3rd: Pray that she will have a safe journey and settle quickly back into ministering.
Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you all. Sören Dörr

Christ’s Hope International – KENYA
* Praise be to God daily for His love, protection, provision and guidance in the ministry.
* He continues to provide open doors for us to share His blessed message.
* My wife and I were challenged to improve our academic qualifications to become more effective for the Lord in His vineyard. We prayed about this for a long time and by His grace we received full sponsorships to do that on a part time basis. She will be doing a Diploma in Community Development and Social work, while I do Human Resource Management. HE IS AWESOME!
* We are very grateful to the Lord for the team that served alongside us in March. What a pleasure to have people from the Mobilization Countries serving with us. They were a great blessing to all of us and the ministry at large.
* Our Local and International volunteers are working well together which is a testimony to those we minister to, to see that our God is a unifying God.
* A new OVC volunteer has just started serving with us. Please pray for Lilian as she completes her probation period.

* My greatest daily need is to serve the people in Kenya and Christ’s Hope in particular with wisdom.
* We started to implement the new OVC Policy and Procedures through establishing Ministry CarePoints and trust the Lord to soon start a child sponsorship program too.
* A number of new International Volunteers arrive in April. Pray that God will give them a good flight, and that they will serve to glorify and honour God.
* Please remember my wife and I as we go back to school to learn and get better equipped to serve the Master and His people more effectively.
* We are still in need of many long term volunteers and fulltime staff to reach out to those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

* We count it an absolute privilege to serve those so sick that they can’t look after themselves and are grateful to our God for the funding He provides to make it all possible.
* As a result of the sustained care, nutrition and medication some of our patients received, their health has improved remarkably and we thank the Lord for that.

* In spite of consistent care there are those patients who are just too sick to make quick recoveries. Pray for wisdom as we serve them and trust the Lord for their healing and to see their children becoming adults and have good marriages and happy families.
* We are constantly challenged by the fact that more children are left behind as orphans and being vulnerable than what we are capable of looking after. There are different reasons why that is so but we trust the Lord God to help us to expand our capacity to take care of more needy children through our Ministry CarePoints.

* Many students and children are exposed to the ongoing teaching of Choose to Wait made possible by people who give sacrificially for this purpose. The Lord knows who they are and we thank Him that He has entrusted us with this very important ministry.

* If we want to teach more children and students effectively, we need more long-term volunteers. Ask our Father God to send them and that they will be obedient to follow through.
* There is such a desperate need to train and equip more teachers to teach Choose to Wait that a training seminar to achieve this will take place in August. May we ask you to pray for this very important training and that all the needs will be met.
* The students from one of the tertiary institutions we are ministering in are desperate to have their own Bibles. We are asking you, our faithful prayer warriors to trust the Lord with us to get 60 Bibles to help these students to read the Word

OVC MINISTRY = Our Valuable Children
* The Lord has made it possible for us to start our first Ministry CarePoint: a place where children can come together and are cared for on a daily basis. This was made possible because one donor gave enough funds to care for these 20 children for a whole year! PRAISE HIM!
* As a result we have observed real change in some of the children’s behavior.

* Every time when we report the death of one of our Care and Compassion clients you can be sure, that they left anything between 3 and 5 children orphaned or seriously vulnerable behind. We need our God to intervene on behalf of these children, the ones He said off: “To such belong the Kingdom of God do not hinder them to come to Me!”
* If the Lord entrusts more funds to us on an ongoing basis we would like to establish more Ministry CarePoints. We cannot care for children consistently if we are not assured of ongoing funding. Will you ask our God what He wants you to do about that?
* We are in desperate need of more long term volunteers in this department too. We trust the Lord for His provision of these needed servants.
May God bless you all as you continue to lift us up in prayer, for we know that with God all things are possible. Be blessed. Martin and Edith

Christ’s Hope International – NAMIBIA

“Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever. He has caused his wonders to be remembered; the LORD is gracious and compassionate. He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever.” Psalm 111 verse 2-5.

* We continue to thank God for all the Namibian staff and all the international volunteers. Due to various reasons, the working situations are sometimes very challenging, yet all have been faithful in serving the Lord.
* The ongoing faithful financial support from our Partners in the Mobilization Countries. Without their commitment to support the ministry in Namibia there will be very little ongoing ministry taking place.
* We in the Country Office have an enormous gratitude towards the Lord that cannot be expressed in words. He has been leading, guiding, providing and strengthening us daily.
* Berdian has made a few presentations to the business community in Windhoek and the responses has been very positive. We have secured a few child sponsorships. We thank the Lord for opening doors.

* At the time of going to press the following positions are vacant and we are desperate to have these positions filled to be more effective in serving the Lord God and His people who are in such need:

In the Country Office:
A receptionist
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer

In Keetmanshoop:
Houseparent couple

In Rehoboth:
A Ministry Centre Coordinator
Choose to Wait Coordinator
OVC Coordinator

* The Okahandja and Oshikuku Ministry Centres are in serious need of funds. God has been faithful in providing food donations from the business community; however, we need some kind of regular income to run the programmes efficiently.
* Continue to pray for Christiaan and Rita’s work permit application; do pray that we will receive written communication soon. They would like to go for a home visit in May, but unless we have their documentation in order they cannot leave the country.

* The Lord’s sustaining provision, protection and blessing are part and parcel of our daily lives, specially to Christiaan and Rita who just became great grandparents again.
* Many of the international volunteers’ parents came to visit and we are excited to see more people being exposed to what He is doing through their children.
* The volunteers started a new youth club which is going well. We need new volunteers to take this ministry over when the current volunteers return home.

* Almost all the children in our care at the Ark will be writing their first term school exams this month and will need your prayers to excel. Will you remember them too as they go back to their families for the holidays. Some children will go to situations which will be very challenging for them to handle in a responsible Biblical manner.
* Our daily prayer is that the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to the children we are taking care of, especially the teenagers who are often set in their wrong beliefs and convictions. We trust the Lord that He will use our lives as examples to these searching young men and women.
* One of our teenagers is old enough to get his driver’s license and will appreciate your prayers when he goes to be tested this month.
* As a staff team we trust the Lord that we will never cause one of these children in our care to stumble because we are not working together as a team and depend on Him as our sole PROVIDER of all our needs and theirs.

* We too can testify to the Lord’s absolute care and provision for us. We praise Him!
* Cynthia Bock who works in the Country Office comes regularly to assist us and give counsel to do the ministry more effectively as we now care for 23 children at the Ministry CarePoint at the Ark.

* Many of the children in our care are deeply scarred by past experiences that have left emotional needs that are difficult to overcome in a short period of time. We as a staff team need His wisdom to deal with these matters in a God honoring manner that will be to His praise and glory and bring the children to an understanding of His forgiveness and unconditional love.
* The ministry will only grow if we have the right people serving with us and therefore we ask you to please intercede with us that He will call those to serve Him with dedication and enthusiasm.

* We want you to praise the Lord with us for the following:
Our broken laptop has been fixed
The children are really settling in well and are getting use to the way things happen “Up North”
Food that was donated by a local dairy
The ongoing support from the Country Office – what a blessing they are to us
We can report that He has not changed and continues to bless us with His very best.

* Danny has been placed in leadership of the centre and he needs wisdom to lead and coordinate the staff and volunteers on a daily basis. They desire to work as a well oiled machine to give Him glory by setting good examples to the children and patients they serve.
* Finances remain very tight and we trust the Lord for long term funding to be able to plan a proper ministry plan and be able to serve the children and clients consistently to come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.
* By His grace we were able to start with a small chicken run to provide fresh eggs and a vegetable garden to help the children develop some responsibility. Do pray that the Lord will keep the pests and the neighbors’ goats away from the veggies and the chickens in the chicken run.

* After we received training from the Country Office as to how to operate and manage a Ministry CarePoint we went to work immediately and we thank God for the progress we have made. Not only were we able to register 25 children, we also approached various businesses to consider supporting the new Ministry CarePoint and we now receive bread, milk and meat to feed the children 3 days a week, because we don’t have enough funds to do it every day.
* We also enjoy great relations with the local schools as we hope to start teaching Choose to Wait in most of the schools in town.

* As is the case with the ministry in Rehoboth we too are trusting the Lord to give us enough funds to sustain the Ministry CarePoint and establish at least one more for older youth as many teens are in need of care too.
* What excites us is to see local businesses becoming part of the answer to the serious problems the community faces regarding the overall challenge of HIV and AIDS and the results of that and pray that more will be willing to give to the needs of those we minister to secure the ongoing ministry.
* Because we are on the frontline we covet your prayers for protection and unity amongst the staff team to demonstrate to those we work with that we care and want to put their needs above our own because it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Christ’s Hope International – SOUTH AFRICA

* Give thanks with us for the new Choose to Wait teachers who were trained and are now waiting to be deployed in the mission field to bring the life changing message of Jesus Christ to teens, students, parents and anyone willing to listen to the Biblical mandate the Lord God gave us for sex and marriage.
* The Lord is developing partnerships with local churches to establish Ministry CarePoints in different cities, which is great.
* After months of waiting and trusting the Lord for His intervention the South African Revenue Services agreed that 90,000 Choose to Wait books may be imported free of charge. We are hoping that all the paperwork will be done soon so the books can be send for distribution to schools, youth groups and Sunday Schools.

* Just like as so many other countries have asked for prayer to release workers, we too are desperate to see the Lord releasing men and women to serve Him by serving the least of these. We are in great need of servants to please Him.
* You may have noticed that Glenn and Esther from the DRC are going to come and stay in South Africa for a while. They will be hosted by Gerhard and Carmen in Johannesburg. Pray His blessing on them all.

Christ’s Hope International – TANZANIA

* If anyone should doubt that our God does miracles he or she needs to come and see for themselves what He has done for us by opening a wide door on radio to teach Choose to Wait on an ongoing basis every Sunday evening. We have already taught four lessons on this Christian Station but now we have been given permission to do the same on a secular station. PRAISE HIS NAME.
* In February we were greatly blessed by the visit of the Vice Chairperson of the International Board and her husband. Their encouragement and input will be remembered for a long time to come.
* After months of negotiations with a local school, we are able to report that many of the street boys orphaned by HIV and AIDS or other infectious deceases, we have worked with for nearly 4 years, are in school! The life change many of them have undergone, due to following Jesus, is a testimony to the community that it is possible for anyone to change. We praise God for our children who are doing well at school.
* More schools and churches are opening their doors to us to teach Choose to Wait and disciple training using the 12 In Depth Bible study series. This is as a result of the 7 CtW teachers who were trained last year.
* It is with great excitement that we praise the Lord for the container the Netherlands and Germany were able to fill and send to us. It has not arrived yet but when we saw the packing list we were overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving to our great Jehovah Jireh and His people. We are humbled by His provision. Thank you for your faithful prayers for a ministry vehicle – there is a Toyota Corolla Station wagon in the container for our ministry! It comes with our name and logo already fitted. HALLELUJAH He is worthy.

* As the responsibility increases to look after the children going to school please pray with us that the Lord will meet all their needs like school fees, food and clothes, books and protection from those who would like to see them fail and return to the street. Our goal is to supply two meals a day for them but for that we need consistent funding.
* The container will arrive in about 6 to 8 weeks from Rotterdam via Mombasa to Mwanza, so please petition our Father that the importation will be smooth and that we will not have to pay all sorts of “under the table” fees. The rest of the contents will furnish our office and create a place for the children to sit at desks doing their homework and even learn computer skills, as there are 13 4gigabite computers in the container. We will need extra premises to store some of the goods coming in the container. Do pray for a miracle that we will find a place cheaply and quickly.
* Our CtW teachers need your prayers daily, because of the many challenges they face and sometimes the difficult questions they are asked.
* Just as the Lord answered our prayers for the car and all the other office furniture and equipment let’s trust Him to provide a scanner, copier and fax machine for our office. If we were to purchase the equipment it will cost about $1540.
Thank you for praying for us. He hears and we are thankful. Assed

Christ’s Hope International – The NETHERLANDS

* Through ’Schaats je wezenloos’ a tool the Lord has placed in our hands to raise funds and awareness of the plight of those suffering from HIV and AIDS in our Ministry Countries the following has happened:
Our gracious God has released over €12,000 by using the rink three times.
We will use it at one of the largest Christian conferences held annually in the Netherlands this month
15 requests from schools and groups were received already to use this fundraising program
A vehicle and trailer to transport the rink (It is a plastic skating rink) have been sponsored by businesses
* The Lord’s absolute intervention in packing the container for Tanzania. Just about everything that was requested the Lord provided and we stand in awe and the dedicated Dutch volunteers took nearly four days to pack it.
* It is with great excitement that we can report that the Lord has answered our prayers to release a person to take over the administration in the Country Office. We are so grateful to Him for answering your and our prayers. Let’s be encouraged. He hears us!

* We need a new approach to recruit more volunteers to serve in the Ministry Countries but also in the Country Office, specially to assist with the “Schaats je Wezenloos” project and intercessors.
Blessings. Jan en Ineke

Christ’s Hope International – UNITED KINGDOM

* We continue to thank our Father for our many donors and the recent Board Meeting which looked at how to use these funds in the coming year.
* We give thanks for the safe arrival of Bob and Ben from the UK who have joined Ania in Namibia at the Oshikuku Ministry Centre and the ministry which is now underway.

* The UK Board will appreciate your intense intercession for the recruitment and appointment of a Country Director to head up the ministry country wide. Without such a person the ministry will not grow to its full potential as all the work is done by volunteers at present.
Blessings. Carol

Christ’s Hope International – ZIMBABWE

* Hilde, our International Volunteer from Belgium, is winding down as she prepares to return home on 3 April, 2010. She has been a great help, particularly in the Care & Compassion ministry. Some new contacts with other organisations have been established through her. We thank God for the time she spent in our country and trust she will be an ambassador for Zimbabwe upon her return. It was through her persistent efforts that our Care & Compassion ministry received funding to purchase medicine for our patients for the first time.
* We praise God that we are still receiving support for the Orphans & Vulnerable Children's ministry.
* The Choose to Wait program is expanding in leaps and bounds and we see more opportunities opening up than what we have teachers to do an excellent sustaining ministry. We are thankful to the Lord for the enthusiasm shown by those individuals trained as Choose to Wait teachers.
* There are several Choose to Wait workshops being planned as possibilities. We want to thank God for the ones we have already run and trust the pending ones will be just as successful
* Praise the Lord for all those that are supporting our ministry in whatever way. May the Lord bless and
increase each one of them. Temba

Christ’s Hope International – EUROPEAN TRAINING CENTRE

* Slowly but surely Jos is recovering from the injuries he sustained from the car accident he had in Namibia in January. The wound he got 6 months ago when a cupboard fell on his left leg is nearly healed. A miracle because of how deep it was.
* The German Country Office invited Sylvia and Jos to accompany them to a number of mission exhibitions and conferences. We are were amazed that young people here have the same struggles as those in Africa. There is such confusion about sex and sexuality, love and marriage and were invited by a number of Bible Colleges to teach their students principles from God’s Word. Many of these schools are very interested in sending teams to Africa and we have been able to connect with a number to consider long term commitments.
* Being located in Germany it was possible for Jos to attend two Country Board of Trustees Meetings in Belgium one in the UK and Germany. He was also able to attend a special face to face Executive International Board Meeting in the Netherlands.
* A Christian School in Orlando plans to teach the entire Choose to Wait curriculum to the grade 8 class. This is a good opportunity to show that it is effective cross culturally. It is the first time that we will receive funds for the use of the curriculum that will in turn help to fund Choose to Wait in Africa. God is faithful and brings about His will in His own time and way.

* God willing, from April 14 to June 2 Jos and Sylvia will be in the USA on a trip to speak in various churches and present the ministry of Christ’s Hope to business people and schools. An itinerary is available upon request if you would like to specifically pray for them during this trip.
* After many meetings and consultations the business plan for the use of the European Training Centre is accepted and will be implemented. We are very thankful to report that the facility will be used by a local church for nearly 2 months while their church is being renovated. A number of other organizations have also already made enquiries to use it.
* It has taken Sylvia many years to finally finish editing and rewriting many sections of the 12 In Depth Bible study series for use in all the Ministry Countries. It can be a powerful tool in the hands of many volunteers and staff, training and equipping others for the work of the ministry. Pray that we will find a sponsor who will be willing to print at least 10,000 copies of the 3 booklets with 4 studies per booklet. Some of our volunteers and teams are already using it but the new enlarged and updated version will be far more effective. It can be used for individual study or group study.
* Continue to pray for Sylvia as she spends hours behind her computer trying to complete the new edition of the Choose to Wait book and teachers manual. There are so many requests for the new material. We need it sooner than later. Your fervent prayers for this will be greatly appreciated.

May we suggest that you don’t try to use this bulletin only once but rather pray through it consistently during the whole month.

Blessings and thanks for caring and praying!