want  to aplogize if I have offended anyone by my asking to help a boy that is dying with malaria. Most of you know me that I have never asked for anything, not even the postage for my Injesus group.  I do not usually use this group for those purposes. And I apologize for taking that liberty.

 I also want to say, I know that there are many of you that would love to give but you too are strapped financially, just as I am, your prayers are more than sufficient.  In fact right now that is all we have to hope for is an answer to prayers.
I know how tired we all are of internet solicitation, we get asked a lot from some
 countries like Nigeria that are going to give us a million dollars in inheritance money
or something like that, some that come in I know are genunine need.  They come in regularly, I am sorry  for adding to it..
I know that some of you are asked for offerings to death in your churches too, along with tithes and offerings, building funds, etc., so I understand truly I do.
But what cuts to the core of my heart is that so much of the money that is going out of your pockets is not going to real need, it is going to build huge monolithes to house your church, it goes to programs to draw in more people into the church, tapes and books to sell and speaking engagements,  and conferences and retreats  so you can spend more money on books and tapes, and you can imagine the expenses of these huge churches just the electric bills and heating bills would probably be our years wages. And everything else it takes to run a church.  They spend all kinds of money just to draw people into the churches.  But is spending all that money necessary?  I know that they will tell you it is.
That would be great but these are not unsaved that are coming, it is drawing other Christians, often from other churches.  So who is out there reaching the lost?  Who is out there helping the poor and needy? Rarely is it the church,  though I personally was blessed to be in such a church,   yet there are people I know that are out there reaching the lost sometimes in very dangerous situations risking their lives,  and very needy people but no one has money to help them and they are passed off as another internet solicitation.
There are people, ministries I know personally trying to help feed families in other countries, or those trying to reach the lost at danger to their own lives.
I assure you few of us like to ask for money for our small insignificant ministries, that are trying to  help others or even to ask for  for someone else because we know how hard Christians are hit all the time, especially in their churches. 
 The funny thing I get mail weekly from a huge ministry, they offer all kinds of gifts to get me to give again, they don't hesitate to ask.  They are always wanting to put up a bigger or better building buying huge parcels of land.  Yet Christians will give to them not batting an eye, but did you ever wonder how these people live?
No it is never questioned.
 David Wilkerson is an exception he never asks, he just prays that the people will give, and I remember when he threw his televison out.
I don't expect your Pastor to live in a slum or take hand me downs, but is the style of living  many of these Pastors in America expect what Paul intended when he sad "a worker is worthy of his hire, and that one should live of the gospel"?
With all these expenditures that these huge churches have, how can Christians help those in need, they are giving it all to the church, and the church and Paster are just getting fat.  A great many  Pastors of these huge churches will  most certainly live in very expensive homes if not million dollar  homes, drive expensive cars and probably have their own airplane and even in some of the smaller churches, I find the Pastor usually lives better then the people in his church.  Yet  few are out there trying to win the lost, and helping the poor and needy.
But those poor countries that have absolutely nothing,  poor pastors that have little to even eat for themselves, they don't even have the clothes for their children to go to school and yet they are out there winning the lost, reaching out to the poor giving what substance they have.
Wouldn't you say there is something wrong with this picture?  Hello?  Are we so brain washed that we cannot see the truth here?
Are we like the Ostrich that puts his head in the sand and thinks he will not know the truth by doing so.
I have to say I was quite amazed that when katrina hit that there were many chruches that jumped in, that to me was  a wonderful thing to see.
But is America the only place we can help?  Is USA the only place where their are Christians?  The body of Christ is world wide.
This just blows me away, and like I said I don't blame you, because I know how strapped you are with giving.  I know how expensive it is to live.
That you have to pay over $3.00 a gallon  just to drive your car.  And your gas and electric is sky high.  I know I am going through it. 
But what about those who don't know where their next meal is coming from   They are our brothers and sisters some only drink water for a meal, This is in many countries, these are our brothers and sisters.
We have gotten so fat in this country we cannot see any other life but our own.  We are so into materialism that we don't stop to realize that our brothers and sisters are being  starved, and persecuted for the name of Christ, they are beaten, and imprisoned and even worse.
The people I am trying to help escaped with their lives from the rebels in  Liberia, where their families were murdered and their houses and buildings were burned, and they are trying to survive in a country that really does not care about them, and the world has stopped its ears to their cries for help.  Is it an American problem or is it the churches?  I think the Lord gave us the job of helping the poor and needy.
 I sent out a whole list of scriptures relating to the poor and needy a few days back, this is our mandate but what are we doing? Christ lives in us right?  What would He be doing?
Where are the churches in America?  Why are they not giving their tithes and offerings to help their brothers and sisters around the world, and I said there are a few that do so, but most do not, and they WILL ANSWER TO GOD.   For judgement begins at the house of God first. 
Yet Christians cannot give to help these needy people because the church and the Pastors are getting all the money.
I am sorry, I really feel bad for most of you because of the situation you are in, I truly know the problem, but I just don't know why that the Christians in America do not open their eyes and see this.  
 And for those of you that do not know me, I do not benefit one iota from the ministry I set up, I did it for the kids alone, not for me.  But God will make a way, even where there seems to  be no way He always does.  And I am so blessed by those who share  in my burden for the hurting, I thank you.
The one thing that I cannot forget is that we are judged here for what we do in the body.  I do not want to die and  not have touched someones life for Christ, made someones  life better. 
How can I not, Jesus lives in me, I no longer live but Christ lives in me.  It is Christ in me that does the work and it is God who gets the glory.  I  do not care if you do not remember me but I care that You know Christ that lives in me.