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GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! Please note these updates are also posted online in the Message Archive (if any trouble accessing this information by email).

Alabama Alliance for Reformation (AAR)
    21 Days of Consecration (9/18+)
    Alabama Statewide Gathering (10/2-10/3)
International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ)

"God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; That thy way may be known upon earth, thy salvation among all nations" (Ps 67:1-2)

Alabama Alliance for Reformation (AAR) - Days of Consecration, Alabama Statewide Gathering

Please see details below regarding the continuing mobilization of the state of Alabama through The Alabama Alliance for Reformation (AAR) - in pursuit of "Awakening in Our Day ... Reformation in Our Lifetime". Dutch Sheets will be returning for a statewide gathering in Birmingham in October to build upon the profound impact of the recent gathering in July. In addition, leadership has called for "21 Days of Consecration" through fasting and prayer beginning September 18th (which is Rosh HaShanah, the biblical New Year on the Jewish Calendar, as well as the biblical "Feast of Trumpets" - a day of memorial and of blowing of trumpets ... a witness and testimony that your prayer is heard, and your offering has come up in remembrance before God).

While the days of consecration were intentionally launched on Rosh HaShanah, I cannot help but consider it significant (and possibly divine providence) that it just so happens the Alabama Statewide Gathering will be occurring on the first day of the biblical "Feast of Tabernacles" - a day of remembrance and memorial of God's deliverance, an appointed time of thanksgiving for the "ingathering of fruit" (vine, olive, and fig), and appointed time throughout scripture (and history) when repeatedly the glory of God filled the temple and overflowed from the sanctuary bringing LIFE to all it touched. SELAH!

Please see an update below from Tammy Alsup and Pastor Kyle Searcy ...

John Buhler


Sept 18th - Oct 9th

Alabama Statewide Gathering
with Dutch Sheets
Birmingham, AL
Oct 2nd - Oct 3rd

The Lord is speaking great things concerning our state. Recently released prophetic words concerning the state of Alabama have awakened some and reminded others of the awesome destiny and purpose this state has in the plan of God for the nation. Some of the words shared were:

  • God will lift the veil off the bride in this region and we are headed for face-to-face encounter with him.
  • God wants to raise up 10 freedom outposts throughout the state that are apostolic centers blazing with the glory of God.
  • These apostolic centers would be so full of God's glory that the very cell structure would have change as people enter.
  • God Will uproot that deep root of division that has divided the state for so many years.
  • Alabama will be full of life and vibrancy.
  • Alabama will be an irrigation source to the nation in days ahead.
  • Alabama is invited to be one of the first places God pours out his Spirit in this last day awakening.
  • This is a Shechem season for the State of Alabama.
  • These words and many others that have been recently released point to the fact that this is a watershed moment for the state of Alabama. It's an hour In which God desires to pour out his Spirit in such a way that the nation will be impacted by it; and the Lord knows our nation needs to be impacted. Such an invitation requires attention and consecration. This is not the hour for business as usual. Prophetic words are often conditionally based on the response of those the word has been given to. Let's not miss our moment.

    Beginning September 18 we are declaring a 21 Day Fast for those in the State of Alabama. Everyone is being asked to fast in some manner. Many are choosing to do a Daniel fast, some are fasting media and others missing various meals. Whatever your choice the important thing is that we lay aside something and focus our gaze toward heaven with a 'yes' in our spirit toward the Lord. I believe that during this time God will prepare us for His outpouring as well as release critical strategy for this state as to how we move forward in the days ahead. Remember the word says when we fast in secret the father will reward us openly (Matthew 6:18). Get ready for your reward Alabama.

    Kyle Searcy
    Alabama Alliance for Reformation



    7pm Friday October 2nd
    9am-12pm Saturday October 3rd

    No Registration, Love Offerings Received

    Host Location
    Metro Church of God, 2800 Metropolitan Way, Birmingham, AL

    We are thankful Dutch is taking time in his schedule to come in and pour into the body of Christ and into the State of Alabama. God's hand is upon the State of Alabama at this time! You, your church and your region are needed to help see the kingdom purposes of God come forth! Hope to see you here!

    For more information: or 931-363-6213
    Join the Alabama email list at

    Expectantly, Tammy L. Alsup

    Kingdom Alignment International * 931-363-6213 * *

    International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ)
    While peace/wholeness (Heb. Shalom) is God’s desire for every city (Jer 29:7),  there is a passionate yearning in His heart revealed through the Psalms and the Prophets (Ps 122, Isa 62) for only one city by Name – whose very calling and Name signify the divine testimony He seeks for – “PRAY for the Shalom of Jeru-Shalom” (Ps 122:6). May we be careful to remember and faithful to fulfill this biblical responsibility He has entrusted to us.

    John Buhler


    The international Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) occurs annually the first Sunday of each October. This is a unique international effort to fulfill the biblical mandate to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. If you have interest in being involved with DPPJ, or being a point of contact in your congregation, or to help organize at the local or state level, or just to get additional information, you may find details online or at the links included below.

    See also:

    What is the Day to Pray?

    The International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, instituted with the endorsement of hundreds of Christian leaders from around the world, representing tens of millions of Christians, will be held annually on the first Sunday of every October, until the coming of Messiah. Our call is for sustained, fervent, informed global intercession for the plans and purposes of God for Jerusalem and all her people. This global grassroots prayer initiative coincides with the season of Yom Kippur , and for the first time in Church history, makes an effort at linking the Christian liturgical calendar with the Biblical, Jewish calendar.

    Our goal, by God's grace, is that by October 2009 we will have:
    • 100 participating nations
    • 100 million believers participating
    • 100,000 churches committed to pray
    • over 1400 minutes of additional prayer via global teleconferencing


    UNDERSTANDING...that we are children of Abraham by faith, the "wild olive branch" grafted in to the root of God's covenant (Romans 11:17-26), and,

    RECOGNIZING...that God has kept his word to Abraham and His descendants and settled them in their homeland again, according to the word of the prophets (Amos 9:14-15),(Ezekiel 36: esp. v.24), and,

    RECOGNIZING...that we have a biblical mandate according to Psalm 122, and many other Scriptures to seek the good and prosperity of Jerusalem, until the Lord makes her a praise in all the earth, and

    AFFIRMING...that God's love and intended blessing is for all nations and peoples, and that we have goodwill and love for all mankind, including all inhabitants of the Holy Land, and desire the peace of this entire region;

    call upon all men and women of prayer to yearly set aside the First Sunday in October, near the season of Yom Kippur, as the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

    Sign the Prayer Resolution along with millions of Christians around the world

    Informed Intercession - Fervent Prayer and Decisive Action