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 To register for class Contact: lmonica@wholyfit.org,  Pam@wholyfit.org, Jamie@wholyfit.org

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 3333 S Panther Creek Dr
The Woodlands, TX 77381
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Classes are held in the Student Center: the posterior rock building


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WholyFit Devotional Exercise Classes

Friends and Fun!

Because  you want more than just another fitness class...


WholyFit Gentle Body Power (The Original Christian Alternative to Yoga)



WholyFit Kickboxing 700!

10:30_to 11:30AM


WholyFit Gentle Body Power

10:00 to 11:00AM


Spring Schedule 2008




 Jan. 14

  Jan. 16

  Feb. 2

 Jan. 21

  Jan. 23

  Feb. 16

 Jan. 28

  Jan. 30

  Feb. 23

 Feb. 4

  Feb. 6

  Mar. 1

 Feb. 11

  Feb. 13


 Feb. 18

  Feb. 20

  April 5


Class Descriptions: 

Don't have time for exercise and study the Bible?  Do both in WholyFit at WoodsEdge. 

Fitness for the Whole You!

  • Multi-level  
  • Self-paced
  • No-Low impact
  • Beginners welcome!
  • You can do this!

Mondays and Saturdays:  Gentle Body Power is WholyFit's Devotional Exercise system:  the original Christian Alternative to Yoga class includes worshipful stretching and strengthening exercises creatively paired with Scripture memorization and worship, performed to beautiful, relaxing praise music. 

Wednesdays:   WholyFit "Kickboxing 700" burns between 500-1000 calories per hour!  Kick out stress & get in shape with this fun, high energy cardio workout that is low impact and very easy to follow.   No experience ncessary!  The first original Christian kickboxing system ever created!  


WholyFit Member Cost

Spring semester (6weeks)

$25 for 1 class/week payable to WoodsEdge

$40 for 3 classes/week payable to WoodsEdge

To become a WholyFit Member: contact Pam.   Your $25.00 one time per year donation allows WholyFit, which is a non-profit ministry, to continue serving churches nationwide.  Thank you in advance.  Assessed in the Fall to current members or before the first class to new members. Sorry, no pro-rations.

Scholarships Available: contact Pam

WholyFit branded church programs were created by certified Fitness Professional, Worship Leader and 2nd degree Karate Red Belt Laura Monica. Copyright@Laura Monica, WholyFit


May God Himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole and keep you fit – body, soul and spirit – for the return of our Master Jesus Christ.