I am trying to continue to use this service about once a month to update on various activities. I do a more regular update on my web site.

April & Brazil
This is an interesting month for me. I should have been back in Brazil but am unable to apply for the necessary documents till July this year - with a view then to going back in October for 5 weeks. There has been yet another major oil find in the ocean off Rio, so the pattern of the nation's economy turning up is continuing. It makes it even more vital that the true authority of the church continues to grow too to confront abusive powers.

I have filled my schedule 50% this month in the absence of going to Brazil so this has allowed me more space and I have been writing a series of 'blogs' on transition (http://3generations.eu/blog). It has been great to get feedback - my sense has been (and the feedback confirms this) that we are in an intense season when there will be many key transitions.

Two big events for me:
1) In 2001 I was awakened and through the time until dawn arrived I had a download about companies of prophetic people rising in the land. I also prayed for another 46 years of life OT make a difference, but prayer more intensely for those who would rise up who were 23 but would carry the authority of a person who might be 46 and had walked with the Lord. That they would have a wisdom as well as maturity of gift, no fear etc.

In the UK I have not been able to invest too much into COPP over these past few years. I phoned someone to talk to asking if he would consider taking this on, doing it his own way. I explained the prayer of people who are 23. He said you are phoning me on my 23rd birthday. He has just begun with a COPP in the Black Country and the feedback I am getting is phenomenal - doing a better job than I could have. I believe it indicates that another generation is finding their place in the land - not necessarily in the church as we have it, but as those who will lay foundations where the work is being done: in the field.

2) In 1991 (and I write about this in Impacting the City) I had a vision of an oval table, around which was gathered business people from a number of nations. They had on their agenda the breaking of poverty in nations. They then went to nations had access at a high level, did not come with money but with what the Lord had shown them structurally to being to implement. And two things happened: the gospel entered and poverty came off some of those nations in a very short period of time.

In the last 2 months I have twice released that in 2 different places - the first time I have had a freedom to do that since 1991, and then this week I was sitting in a meeting (at their invite) and I suddenly realised 'this is that' that I saw.

A pressing into place

Late last year the Lord began to speak to me that we cannot keep looking for the 'person who is the right person (in our eyes) to step forward'. He was calling us to step up to the plate. This would result in new (ordinary) people in new positions.

I am seeing a pattern: he is calling and inviting us to accept responsibility
with the burden of responsibility will come the anointing
the anointing will release others to become the resources to meet the needs - some of those also are not believers but they carry gifting, connections and finances to meet the need.

So I anticipate that there will be a shifting as we take up new positions. (The material on transition should help here.)

Obama and threat to his life
I feel very strongly that there are now attempts being put together to assassinate Barak Obama. Whatever one's political persuasion I invite you to pray that this will be thwarted.

China is set to become the major global economy, but I have been meditating recently on the issues of empire and from a western point of view we think particularly Roman / Greek. China though has been an imperial power that goes back centuries. Do not be surprised to see some real setbacks to the advance of their economy. The great dragon is not going to have a simple upward movement.

Martin Scott