Please Add this to Your Prophetic Intercession for Israel

Kelly Deppen
Bridges Revelatory Ministry

Please also ask Jesus, Lord of Hosts to rebuke a spirit of persecution off of His people Israel.  In doing so you will also receive from the wave of grace in this.

This spirit of persecution is so vile that it pits brother against brother and goes across all borders and across all blood ties.  It is especially vicious and it is the power that prompted Cain.  It is the influence that threw Joseph into the pit.

God will not abide it and we must not either.  So, during this time of intercession, be sure to embrace all brothers and sisters, and be especially careful in speaking about them.  Our power is in the Unity we have in our positioning IN CHRIST JESUS.  Remember our position is as "hidden in Christ" as are His first born Israel.  Express thanks for this safety and assurance.

Kelly Deppen