Wow, sorry we have not written you in awhile. It’s been a very busy and exciting time for Carmen and I in the last few months. We are overwhelmed at God’s hand upon us and extremely thankful for His grace. God has opened many doors over the last few months for STRONGARM to have influence beyond its original borders that was assigned to us by the Lord.

God continues to open doors for us to train and equip the body of Christ in the area of evangelism. This has been part of our vision for a number of years but we are just now seeing it come into greater manifestation. Just this past weekend the STRONGARM team went to Shallotte, NC at the request of a pastor in Shallotte with whom Nick Willi has relationship. This pastor desired training for his youth group along with another one that traveled from the Wilmington area. As part of their training, they placed activity to their faith and went into the streets. There were testimonies of young girls who were afraid in the beginning to share their faith, but were filled with boldness and as a result, prayed for many people whom they saw who were sick. One lady with a brace on her hand was prayed for by the girl in the youth group and the girl (who was afraid in the beginning) asked the woman to take the brace off and began to move around her hand. The woman took the brace off and the pain was gone, yea God!

We are also conducting a training session at Joy Church this and next Saturday for those in their body who have a desire to be involved in the “Kids Connection” outreach. After the outreach training on Saturday, the STRONGARM team will be heading downtown to be part of the “God Has a Better Way” outreach led by Dr. Michael Brown. In August I will have the honor to once again minister at ANC Charlotte and ANC Atlanta. The STRONGARM team will also be participating in “POWER GENERATION”, the August 15 outreach reaching the low income children in Fort Mill. “POWER GENERATION” is an outreach of All Nations Church. STRONGARM had the opportunity to train and bring strategy from our “Kids Connection” outreach to the “POWER GENERATION” team. The outreach began in May and is remarkably strong and is poised for making an impact toward community transformation in the Fort Mill Paradise community. The last weekend of August we will be helping out with the “ENGAGE” outreach to teenagers as well. This is once again a wonderful testimony of our heart to see the body of Christ trained and equipped through the Spirit led strategy of reaching a community. Wow, I think that’s something going on every weekend in August, yea God.

I have also recently been asked to develop a Supernatural Evangelism module for Zion College. The first module will begin in the fall. I am very excited about this because it brings not just the knowledge aspect but the practical as well. The course will be filled with practical application opportunities both on a corporate and individual level. Those who attend will not only be equipped with the faith foundation through the Word of God but also the practical application. I encourage you to consider looking into this six week course as I believe God will do wonderful things in and through you.

As we continue to embark upon the doors God has opened as mentioned above, we will continue to reach the east side of charlotte with the Gospel of Jesus with our various outreaches. As we are expanding, I ask that you pray for God’s wisdom and provision for STRONGARM. We are extremely grateful for those who support this ministry. The fruit of what you have read in this article is because of your faithfulness and generosity. Your seed as you can see is having greater impact beyond just the east side of charlotte. We pray that the grace and favor released upon us will be released upon your families.

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