"My wife and I suffered financial loss last week...

Pastor Dean


...and we're happy, anyway!"

Our income was greatly reduced last week, and it ripped open a gash, injuring our financial health, but we are not worrying or wavering! Although the devil attacked, he was not successful. In fact, I know God is going to use this to do something great!

Hear the rest of the story on PepTalk!

You can build your faith...

Miracles will develop in your life if you take ten minutes out of your day and listen to PepTalk! Listen to the plan God has set forth in order for us to survive financial disaster!

This program has been responsible for lives being turned around, because it takes a mustard seed of faith to push the button and listen every day!

Do you need financial or physical healing?

You've come to the right place at the right time, this is no coincidence. It was planned by God.

Tonight, I will be going into special prayer for those who need a financial miracle. Write to me, at Dean@HHJ.cc and we will use the most powerful method on earth to destroy the works of the devil.....the power of agreement!

This ministry prays and God answers! Thank you Holy Spirit!

And listen to PepTalk!....right now!


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