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The Call D.C. - From Montgomery, to Jerusalem, to D.C. (8/16)
The Call D.C. - Pre-Call, Other Planning Details
Bus Travel from Alabama - Remaining Space Available

"God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; That thy way may be known upon earth, thy salvation among all nations" (Ps 67:1-2)

The Call D.C. - From Montgomery, to Jerusalem, to D.C. (8/16)

Massive, United Fasting and Prayer Can Shift a Nation…

The Call is on the March...

On Labor Day weekend in September 2000, over 400,000 people gathered to the National Mall in Washington, DC. They came not to the sound of a music festival or to hear the biggest names in Christendom, but they came to the sound of Joel 2: "Blow the trumpet in Zion! Consecrate a fast! Call a sacred assembly." This gathering was known as TheCall DC.

After TheCall DC between 2000 and 2003, TheCall mobilized hundreds of thousands of believers from all across the nations to gather in culture-influencing cities across America for TheCall Boston, TheCall New York City, TheCall San Francisco, and others to seek God in prayer and fasting.

And now, after eight years, TheCall is on the road again back to the National Mall. We will again converge on August 16th, 2008 in Washington, DC believing that people, young and old alike, will gather to fast, pray, and ask God for a historic visitation.

Will you be there?

Join us in DC:
TheCall DC
August 16th, 2008

When there is no remedy,
God still has a holy prescription ...

"Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly"
(Joel 2:15)

God is calling a generation to contend for the soul of a nation
It's a fast, not a festival

TheCall D.C.

Poster [Front | Back]      Flyer [Front Only]

History of TheCall

In 1997 our nation witnessed one of the largest Christian gatherings in American history. The Promise Keepers, a ministry specifically focused on igniting men with a passion for Jesus, gathered a million men on the National Mall in Washington DC to call men across our nation to a lifestyle of purity and godliness. Deeply impacted by this highly profound event and burdened with a God-given dream, a vision was fashioned within the heart of man named Lou Engle to raise up a corresponding youth movement to cry out to God for a revival to sweep across our nation.

Two years after the inception of this dream, a woman approached Lou Engle and asked if he had ever considered putting young people on the Mall like the Promise Keepers did in 1997. Taken back and amazed, Lou replied that two years prior he had been burdened with a dream to see the youth of our nation gathering at the National Mall, and confessed he actually prophesied this coming gathering would be a sign from God that there was still hope for our nation. The women promptly wrote a check for $100,000, setting into action a whole chain of supernatural events that would eventually result in the TheCall DC on September 2nd, 2000. God’s blessing was clearly manifest throughout the day as the presence of the Holy Spirit infused the prayer, worship and intermittent words of encouragement from our nations greatest spiritual leaders. The result of one mans obedience to the God given dream was an attendance of over 400,000 young people.

After this TheCall DC in September 2000, TheCall was exported across the nation to twelve different locations, each one gathering thousands of people hungry for a movement of God. Rather than elevating man’s good ideas, these massive gatherings were spent in cooperate fasting, praying, and worshiping before God. Specific regional issues were confronted in each gathering in the place of prayer. In each Call, issues such racism, sexual immorality and abortion were brought into light and repented for corporately by the body of Christ. In New York, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, and Kansas City, a movement of prayer and fasting has filled stadiums with the sounds of worship and the incense of prayer. This divine movement of repentance has extended beyond the narrow boarders of America as theCall has traveled to Australia, Germany, the Philippines, Norway, England and Israel.

Today TheCall is marching across our land to Washington D.C. to gather together for a historic gathering on August 16, 2008. We believe that our nation is in a critical hour and in desperate need of revival. While our societies moral compass continues to erode the faith of our nation is becoming increasingly secularized. The world in its rebellion violently pursues the fulfillment of all fleshly desires yet the church has fallen prey to many of the same sins that plague our society. Even within the church truth has been substituted for spiritual relativism and religious tolerance. Sexual immorality, racism, and abortion are just as prevalent from our pews and pulpits as it is in our secular universities. We are in an hour of crisis, an hour when we have to confront our own spiritual barrenness as the church and in the place of prayer cry out to God for mercy on our nation and revival in our land. Our hope in this hour is in God and God alone. On August 16, 2008 we are calling for 1,000,000 people to again gather together in the National Mall to fast and to pray for God to pour out His undeserved mercy on our land.

August 16th, 2008 ... Will you answer The Call?

The Call D.C. - Pre-Call, Other Planning Details

thermometer-smallOnly Days Until TheCall DC - See You on the Mall!

Be a Voice - Reaching for the Goal

You received a personal note last week in your email from Lou Engle inviting you to join our "Be A Voice" campaign. We are excited by the response and are moving toward our goal of having TheCall fully paid for before August 16th. We want to keep you posted on the progress and will be regularly updating our thermometer. Join us and be a voice in this generation. To join the campaign, visit

Important Announcement: Pre-Call Conferences Location Change...

The location has changed for the Forerunner Pre-Call Conference, the Pastors' & Leaders' Conference and all Children's Equipping Tracks on August 14th & 15th. For more information or to register for these Pre-Call Conferences, please click here. Registration is Free.  

Due to the change in location, we are now able to offer the Children’s Equipping Track for ALL sessions of the Pre-Call Conferences! To register for the Pastors’ and Leaders’ Gathering, the Pre-Call Forerunner Gathering, or the Pre-Call Children’s Track, please
click here 

Important Reminders: Register & Plan Your Trip to DC

Here are some important reminders and resources for planning your trip to DC on 8.16.08:
  • Please Register for TheCall DC and the Pre-Call Conferences if you have not already at Registration is FREE, but Required to help us plan and prepare.
  • You can also book your hotel room online at or Find a Campsite Near TheCall.
  • And last but not least, PLEASE DRINK LOTS OF WATER AT THECALL DC. We recommend that you bring as much water as you are able. You may purchase water from vendors around the mall, but it may be expensive so bring enough money or bring your own water. We cannot stress this enough. 
For more important information and ways to plan your trip to DC on 8.16.08, visit  

Register Find Hotel Campsite


Fuel the Movement.

Bus Travel from Alabama - Remaining Space Available
The following Bus traveling from North Alabama is the only one I'm aware of that still has space available, for any interested in traveling by coach to The Call D.C. It leaves Friday afternoon, and returns Sunday AM (no stay in hotel required).

Interested in going to The Call Washington DC?

728 miles one way – 12 hrs, 22 minutes
Total trip: 1456 total miles – 24 hrs and 44 minutes

Departure Location
Spiritlife Family Worship Center
1469 Browns Ferry Road
Madison, AL 35758
(Due to Road construction call for directions to the church)
Map - Directions

Contact to Reserve Space

Email: C. Doucette
Or call : 256-656-9921 cell

Space Limited (RSVP required ASAP!)
Cost per person $150.00 which includes a meal.


Friday, August 15, 2008
Depart: 5:30pm from Spirit life Church in Madison, AL
Bus driver change over in Staunton, VA

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Arrive: 8:00am Washington, DC
Attend the Call
Depart: 6:00 pm Washington, DC
Bus driver change in Staunton, Va

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Arrive: 8:30am at Spiritlife Family Worship Center in Madison, AL

Informed Intercession - Fervent Prayer and Decisive Action