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Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Ecstatic Women's Conference
This January, we are hosting a massive gathering of ecstatic ladies from all around the globe for a new wine party in California. Girls Just Want to Have Fun will feature Beni Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, as well as Winnie Banov of Global Celebration, Anne Stock, Michelle Bernal, Stephanie Dunn and Lily Crowder. We believe that women are playing an integral part in the ecstatic movement God is releasing today, and that the Lord has some major downloads for the ladies at this Santa Cruz/San Jose event. This week, John Crowder and Ben Dunn cast vision and give some historical background for the vital role of women in revival. We are calling all ladies who are thirsty for the Glory realm and enjoying their salvation bliss to join us Jan. 6-9 for this monumental, life-changing time!
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Mystical School Northwest
Greater Seattle/Olympia Region
We are finally bringing our Mystical School to the Northwest. Join us for this intensive, three-day Mystical School in January for activation and impartation in deeper realms of contemplative, supernatural Christianity. This three-day intensive course with John Crowder includes up to eight hours of teaching each day on topics such as new creation realities, seer realm, creative miracles, trances, ecstatic prayer and Song of Solomon.
These are wonderworking courses to get you activated for manifestation in a smaller group environment. Seating is limited, and registration is required. Click Here to Register!

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Help Us Catch Fishies!
It's Not Too Late to Join Us
Come with us to preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils in India. It's not too late to sign up for this mass crusade event, as we have extended the sign-up deadline. If you have not yet registered, visit us online and do so by the end of the month to secure your place on the team.
We feel that India is ripe for harvest in these days, and there is a massive hunger for the supernatural that the Lord longs to fulfill through ordinary believers like us. In this huge event, we will gather 250,000 people to hear the works of the cross and see the gospel demonstrated in power. Find out how you can join us!

Click Here for More Information Holland Mystic School
We are bringing the Mystical School to the Netherlands! If you live in Europe, reserve your space now for this impartation course in Holland January 17-19. Classes will be in English.Find Out More!
Click Here for More Information Women's Conference!
Girls are going wild in the Glory! We are co-hosting our first ever ecstatic women's conference at the beginning of the year with Beni Johnson, Winnie Banov, Michelle Bernal, Ben & Stephanie Dunn and John & Lily Crowder. This will be our flagship international event of the winter, as we anticipate the craziest ladies from around the globe to converge on Santa Cruz & San Jose, California for this four-day new wine event, Jan. 6-9. Find Out More!.

Click Here for Download Mystical Phenomena
Ever wonder about levitation miracles, stigmata, translations, invisibility miracles, communication with animals and other strange phenomena in the lives of miracle-working believers?
In this two-hour teaching session, John Crowder outlines a wide range of supernatural manifestations that occur as a result of practicing the presence of God in divine ecstasy. John gives in-depth historical examples from the lives of Christian mystics, who experienced ecstatic encounters with God. Click Here to Order

Click Here for More Information Phoenix School Open
Our Phoenix Mystical School still has availability for those wishing to register. If you would like to participate in this three-day, intensive course with John Crowder Oct. 30-Nov. 1, you can visit us online. Find Out More!
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