“so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life.” John 3:15

    It is important to remember, what God gives us is a gift which we cannot earn. The day we received it, it was a gift and today it is still a gift. The moment we forget this, we seek to earn it or maintain it through activity of our soul. This leads to striving and actually means we have stopped believing. To believe means to accept as true and when we receive the gift of God from God, we receive it, because we believe it is true, not because we can make it happen.  May I encourage you to relax and learn how to receive the gift which keeps giving. This will produce the worship (gratitude) in our heart which God deserves. His gift to us is that wonderful.

    I pray we learn how to keep receiving the gift.

All scriptures from the NASB. Feel free to forward to friends. 

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