When my husband left me for another woman, I was devastated.  At first I begged 
and pleaded with him to come back, but to no avail.  From the beginning, I knew 
that it was God's will to remain married if at all possible.  I never wavered 
in believing that God would restore my marriage.  
In the second year of our separation, (neither of us filing for divorce) the 
other woman became pregnant.  I knew before she did that she was pregnant with 
my husband's child, as God showed me in a dream to prepare me for the news.  I 
continued to pray for my marriage to be restored.  I knew my husband loved me 
and did not love her or want to live the rest of his life with her.
After 3 years of separation, I came to a place with God where I could say, 
"Thank you, Lord, for all that has happened. Without all this, I could not have 
had a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father than I had at this time."  
When I was able to truly thank God for my situation, He began to turn it around.  
My husband returned to me.
The child that was born to them was born with a heart defect and had many surgeries to 
correct problems.  We knew that he would not live very long. I fell in love with 
the child and my husband and I kept him a lot.  When he was 4 years old he died.  
During his final stay at the hospital, I was able to lead his mother to the 
Only the love of God could have brought me through and used me in such 
devastating circumstances.  God will never fail, just let Him use you.
My husband and I have been married for 40 years now.  It was truly worth going 
through the fire to have the marriage I have now and to see my husband serving