Preach the word of God.
Be persistent, whether
 the time is favorable or not.
II Timothy 4:2-3, NLT

Exhausted, Judy and I hoped for a minute or two of peace when we arrived at our airport gate. Glancing at the woman a few seats away from me, I noticed that her fingernails were very long... and dark purple.  She seemed absorbed in a thick book:  Real Ghosts... and Other Haunted Places.
I really didn't want to get involved, but breathing a quick prayer, I spoke to the ghost reader, "I see from the book you are reading that you must be on a spiritual journey."  I was surprised by her response.  "Why yes," she replied.  She seemed interested in discussing spiritual things.  Within minutes, I learned that her name was Jane and that she had left the Mormon Church.  She seemed shy, but grateful for the chance to talk about her questions.  "The spirit world is very real," I said, motioning to her book.  "But Jesus Christ is greater than any spirit of deception.  And, Jane, this meeting is not by chance.  God is concerned that your spiritual journey leads you to Christ."  Suddenly, our gate agent called and we had to head for our flight.  But not before I got Jane's address to send her follow-up material.
As our plane lifted off for home, the Spirit brought a convicting verse to mind:  "Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season... ."  I confess that I'd been hoping for some "time off," a few minutes of privacy and retreat, a chance to be "out of season."  But in the next moment, God insisted that I be in season.  My few moments of privacy were nothing compared to the eternal destiny of Jane's restless spirit.  
Agree with God today that you will be alert to the Spirit's voice when he says, "Go start a conversation with that person...."
Father, I know if I lack courage to speak, you are the Source.  Help me be willing to be willing to step into someone's world with the very word that could save them.


Joni and Friends

November 1-2, 2008
When In Need
Hebrews 4:16

We all have needs, which range from physical and emotional to spiritual. When you require some essential--whether food, water, acceptance, or understanding--where do you turn?

When something basic is missing in your life, it's very easy to feel alone. But remember, God knows what you need even before you tell Him. Hebrews 4:13 states, "There is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him..."

Some people might find this intimidating, as if a "big brother" is watching. But the Lord is a compassionate and loving heavenly Father who cares for His children. He is our shepherd, guiding us gently through life and redirecting us when we stray (Ps. 23). Furthermore, He desires to meet our needs and always does what is best for us (Rom. 8:28).

Our Father is ready and able to work in our lives. And He tells us to come confidently to His throne, bringing our requests to Him. In other words, because we, as Christians, have access to Him through Jesus, we are able to present our desires and struggles freely and without fear. And we can expect an answer. We might receive exactly what we ask, or perhaps God will tell us to wait. Sometimes the answer will be no. But we can be sure that even then, He is acting in our best interest--in His omniscience, He will withhold what He knows would ultimately harm or hinder His children.

The Lord knows where you are and what you need. Share your hurts and desires honestly with Him.



It Is Written 

Today's Scripture

Jesus replied, "It is written, 'You must worship the Lord your God and serve only Him'" (Luke 4:8).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria

Jesus was in the desert to pray. He'd been fasting. He was alone and probably weak in His body. Along comes Satan to offer Him an easy way out of going to the cross. "You can gain the world by letting me give it to you. Why don't you take the easy way out?" the devil was saying. But Jesus knew that the mission wasn't just to gain the world. He knew that the real victory was to gain the world and defeat temptation, death, hell, and the grave. There was no "easy way out" of that!

Notice how Jesus answered. Each time Satan would tempt Him, Jesus responded by saying, "It is written