Please give a gift to the Muay Thai family - Merry Christmas !!
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Please give a gift to the Muay Thai family !!
CHRISTmas is about giving, God gave the greatest gift to mankind and
it should encourage us to give to those around us … so how about the
Muay Thai Family in Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand??
This Muay Thai Camp, “Kaay Muay”, is a small Muay Thai Camp
in Ao Nang Krabi, it is in a Muslim Village and it actually took me FOUR
days to find it. It does have a sign that says, “Kaay Muay” but
they did not put it in front where someone can see it because
everyone in the Village knows where it is.
There is about 20 plus Muslims involved in this small Muay Thai Camp.
They have about (4) youth Champions there and we are going to bless them
for CHRISTmas. We want to give them New Gear (Gloves, Shin Gurards,
Thai Pads, Belly Pads, Focus Mitts and a Bag.) and you can HELP us.
We would like to spend $200 US to $700 US depending on YOU. ;-)
We just got notified by the HOPE of Krabi Church and the Krabi Town
Government that they are going to do a Special Sponsorship for Thai kids
in the Krabi area that need School Supplies!! Here is another way you can
bless Thailand, any donation will count and they kids will receive things
like paper & pencils, uniforms and sports equipment.
Give back to the Muay Thai Family in Thailand this CHRISTmas
and you will truly Celebrate the Holy Days of this Season- amen !!!!
Please ask your company to donate something. We can use almost
anything= certificates, equipment, training cards and supplies. ;-)
TAX Deductible Donations to “Muay Thai Missions” it is easy!! J
1. CASH:
If you are in the Concord CA area, go to
CD Federal Credit Union, 1855 Second Street, Concord CA 94519.
Phone: 1-925-825-0900,
“Doc” has been a member there for 30 years, tell them you want to
Deposit CASH into his account and they will do so.
Daniel C. Docto/ account 1725-52
You can make a CHECK out to
Daniel C. Docto/ account 1725-52 and Memo “Muay Thai Missions”
and send it to the CD Federal Credit Union as stated in Number 1.
3. WIRE Funds:
WIRE Funds to – Wescorp, ABA/Routing #: 122041219
Credit to – CD Federal Credit Union Account 321171964-25
Further Credit to – Daniel C. Docto Account 1725-52
Please send a SWIFT payment order DIRECTLY to Thailand:
SWIFT Code:            AYUDTHBK
Name:                        MR. DANIEL CHRIS DOCTO
Account No:              433-1-09695-6
TAX Deductible Donations are recorded as:
Tax ID# 83-0400942
PO Box 30, Citrus Heights, CA USA 95611-0030
Please e-mail me when you make a donation, where you
want it to go towards and how much you have sent. THANKS. :-)
Krabi Muay Thai Gyms – Old School Muay Thai Family!!
Muay Thai is in Krabi Magazine!!
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Our local Magazine is promoting Muay Thai now!!
Ao Nang Muay Training … come to Paradise:
Muay Thai Fitness Workout Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand!!
YouTube Channel on Muay Thai in Paradise - SUBSCRIBE!!
Muay Thai Paradise Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand:
Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium MAP:
NEW Muay Thai Gyms in ao Nang krab!!
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There are FIVE Muay Thai Camps/ Schools in Ao Nang Krabi and
TWO of the Muay Thai Camps are old school and you must know someone
in order to train or even find these camps because they are someone’s HOUSE/ front or back yard. ;-)
Come do a “Muay Thai Vacation” in paradise- Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand!!
Ao Nang Muay Training … come to Paradise:
See you at the FIGHTS – Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium. J
YouTube Channel on Muay Thai in Paradise - SUBSCRIBE!!
Daniel C. Docto aka “DOC” Thai Cell: 087-810-2177
“Doc” & the Muay Thai Monkey:
Rap Singer fights in ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium !!
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Keith Scott is a Rap Singer from New Zealand, he came to support Muay Thai Missions
and he did his first Muay Thai fight in Ao Nang Krabi Stadium 21 November 2008. ;-)
Let’s talk with Keith, the “Flying Kiwi”, and hear what his experience was like. ;-)
Why did you come to Thailand??
Keith: I wanted to go to Thailand to learn Muay Thai for a long time before I actually made
the decision and bought my ticket. But I also wanted to go so I could fully experience another culture.
Not like... be a tourist and just take photos, lie on the beach, shop and go to bars. That’s all very fun,
but I can do that in my own country. I wanted to actually hang out with Thai people, try to learn the
language and use it, eat different food, and learn about the culture. Ultimately I wanted to
have my first Muay Thai fight in Thailand.
What did you do in Ao Nang Krabi??
Keith: There is heaps (Kiwi for “a lot”) of fun things to do in Ao Nang Krabi.
A lot of the time I was training, but when I managed to get some time to myself I would just relax
and get a cheap massage along the beach, then grab a cold fruit smoothie. I also went to a few
community events such as birthdays, restaurants openings, and BBQs.
I also helped out in the community center.
Who did you meet in Ao Nang Krabi??
Keith: I got to meet all sorts of people and created some good friendships. Doc and Zina,
who I met on the internet and through beautiful pictures of Ao Nang, lured me into coming.
They run a community center, promote a Muay Thai missions trip which was awesome and
I got to experience things that I would have never been able to find on the internet.
I met many different nationalities, shop owners, Muslim Thais, Buddhist Thais,
Muay Thai fighters, a lot of locals, villagers etc..
What places did you visit in Ao Nang Krabi??
Keith: I went to the snake show (I wasn't that scared... honest), Monkey show, Railay beach,
and did a Phi Phi island trip. For my training I visited a bunch of Muay Thai camps.
I totally recommend KYN Gym on Koh Yao Noi island. Kru Hlukhin and Lisa run the gym
and they take excellent care of their customers. I learned a lot from Kru Hlukhin who was
a well known champion from Bangkok Raja stadium and was born in Southern Thailand.
He spends quality time with you and has a great heart towards the sport. I also got to train
with a lot of the locals who were preparing for their fights there. Also Emerald gym was good,
great equipment and the trainers were friendly, and it was in a nice location.
What experiences did you have while in Ao Nang Krabi??
Keith: I learned how to speak some of the Thai language. I also learned a song in the
Thai language which I got to sing at the Hope of Krabi Church. The Thai people loved it,
they were very supportive of me singing and they even sang along with me in the morning service.
Training in a Muslim village was one of the best. It wasn't state of the art equipment or a
beautiful ring that attracted me but it was a bunch of passionate Thai people who made
their own Muay Thai gym on a paddock in their backyard.
I got to learn how South Thai fighters fight there. I got to have my first fight at Ao Nang Stadium.
It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. It’s a good stadium and they are really professional
and fair with their fighters. Unfortunately I got technically knocked when I was kicked in the neck,
but I hope to come back next year and win!
How were the people (Thai & Farang) in Ao Nang Krabi??
Keith: The Thai people are all so friendly. I never once had a problem with the Thais.
They really appreciate it if you embrace their culture and language. They are happy people and
content with what they have. I didn’t really hang out with tourists that much but I met a lot of
Farang residents who were all very supportive of me and came to watch me fight
which I thank them for so much!
Would you tell people to try a “Muay Thai HOLIDAY” in Ao Nang Krabi??
Keith: Definitely! I have no regrets, I learnt so much from these guys.
I got to fight in a respectable stadium, train with locals, train on the beautiful beaches,
do amazing hikes in Ao Nang and at the Tiger Temple Cave. I feel like I've improved drastically in skill,
fitness and flexibility and I went from weighing 68kgs to 63kgs.
If you love Muay Thai then training or fighting here in Ao Nang Krabi is a dream come true.
I'm definitely coming back next year.
If you would like some more INFO on a “Muay Thai HOLIDAY” (vacation) in
Ao Nang Krabi you can contact “DOC” at and/ or
Ao Nang Community Center – “Dare to Dream”     
c/o Daniel C. Docto aka “Doc” & Zina B. Docto,
290/27 Moo 2 Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand 81000

Keith’s First FIGHT & Muay Thai in Ao Nang Krabi !!

Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium:
Friday Night Fights -
Ao Nang Krabi Muay Thai Stadium MAP:
You can FIGHT in Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand!!
Rap Singer Videos from New Zealand – this is KEITH in action!!
If you want to experience Muay Thai Island, see South Thailand’s paradise
then feel free to contact me.
Muay Thai Island:
Thai FOOD is Amazing & easy to make !!
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SNAKES in Ao Nang Krabi Thailand !!
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Amazing South Thailand welcome to paradise !!
Please Give & Receive this CHRISTmas!!  Have a true Happy Holy Days!!
Take time to learn, know and understand the Reason behind the Season. ;-)
Phra JAO uay pon, God bless,
Daniel C. Docto aka DOC. :-)