Happy Easter, everyone!

Here's a gift for you all, from a cartoonist named Chuck Asay. He has one of the best Easter cartoons I've ever seen, and if you click here, you can see it too!

And we've just posted a new KingdomScribes blog called, "Our Easter Hereos -- Bruce, Jackie and Jesus?" By comparing notes with some of today's "Hollywood hereos", we can see that Jesus "out-hereoed" everyone by the prank He pulled against the devil. After all -- the devil thought he'd won! And he had, for two days anyway.

So in this new blog post, we show what is truly the Easter Message... that we can rest assured and confident in God that even when the Devil has totally won in our lives, in Christ he has totally lost.

You can access this blog post here.

Bless you all and have a wonderful Easter!


Emil & Shell Swift

P.S. Oh! BTW -- if anyone tries to bring you down by disparaging Christians' celebration of Easter by saying it's nothing more than a makeover of a pagan holiday celebrating the demon goddess Astarte, tell them that whatever you call the celebration, the Tomb is still empty!    es