"It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments". (Psalms 133:2).

Here is a description of the anointing of the High Priest, with emphasis on the precious ointment. Notice .. . the same ointment not a different or cheaper kind, but the same ointment that came first upon the Head, ran down over the entire Body. Glory to Jesus! What a promise! Jesus, our High Priest, and Head of this priestly company, was anointed of the Spirit without measure. He had wisdom, understanding, discernment, as well as authority and dominion over the works of Satan never before experienced by mankind. He was anointed with a precious ointment.

But God is not using a cheaper kind on the rest of the Body. The same divine anointing of the fulness of the Spirit that came upon Jesus shall come upon the entire Body, until every enemy shall become His footstool.

This anointing does not come upon babes in Christ, as does the Baptism in the Spirit, for the "beard" speaks of a full grown mature Son. This anointing comes at the time of the Adoption, at our Jordan.

Gifts are given to God's children who are willing to receive .... on His terms. And God's gifts are surely wonderful, no doubt about that. But this anointing that we are speaking of is not in the "gift" realm For gifts are in part whether they be revelation gifts such as Knowledge or speaking gifts such as Prophecy. But that which is in part shall be done away with. When? When that which is perfect is come. Not when we go to heaven, but when that which is perfect comes to us here. And come it shall! Nothing shall hinder, for it is in the eternal purposes of God. Jesus, the Pattern has established it, and He cannot fail.


With the complete death to our own self life and our own wills at Jordan comes the Adoption and an appearance of our God. For He shall appear unto His own and confirm to their own hearts this eternal relationship unto Himself. The Amplified New Testament says in Heb. 9:28 " Christ. . . will appear a second time, not carrying any burden of sin nor to deal with sin, but to bring to full salvation those who are eagerly, constantly, and patiently waiting for and expecting Him. "

At His appearance there shall come a FULL salvation, a complete deliverance from every earthly bondage and demon oppression.

Some are saying that He has already appeared to them. In spirit. They have seen Him by faith. But this is not enough. Notice that Jesus saw the Holy Ghost "in a bodily shape". He physically, literally, actually saw something. Beloved, we are dealing with realities; not fantasies. It will take reality to deliver this world from the bondage of death and corruption. And this is the task reserved for the full grown Son. The world wants, and needs, reality. Strife, hatred, war on every side. They need something that will give them peace. Something that they can see has changed your life.


From the Adoption at Jordan, Jesus entered a ministry for three and a half years that destroyed the powers of hell, and shook this world to its very foundations. He is the Pattern. Looking unto Him, we see our course set before us. "Be of good cheer," He said, "I have overcome the world."

Can you feel the tug of the Spirit pulling you to Jordan? Are you willing to go beneath the chilly waters, to die to all of your own ways? Consider carefully, for there is no turning back.


Galatians 4:4 indicates clearly that there was a time element involved in the appearing of Jesus at the River Jordan. He could not decide to go at His own whim, or when He thought He might be ready. "God sent forth His Son. . . " This shows plainly the will of the Father in the time chosen for the Adoption. So it is today: There are those who tell us it is unbelief to wait on God for this, that we must press our way into it by faith. And we are surely pressing toward the mark. But the fulness of God's plan will only come in the fulness of God's time. Be of good cheer, He is not late!


There is a prophetic ministry, speaking at the mouth of the Lord, calling for a deep rooted repentance. This ministry is laying bare the secrets of our heart, and laying the axe at the root of the tree. As Jesus submitted Himself to John, so must we come to a place of submission in this hour, that we might taste the glorious fruits of full victory. Press in, saints of God, there is much yet ahead! We are just getting ready to come out of our immaturity. Sonship, full sonship, is God's plan for the mighty Body of Christ. Lift up your voice and praise Him that He has counted you worthy, and expect to hear His voice saying unto YOU .. . "Thou art my beloved Son, in thee I am well pleased!"

by Bill Britton