Brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are in the year 2010 to most people in this world is the most challeging year in life, but we are serving the Almight God.

we started this year with prayers and fasting, for the whole month of January( 31 days), which we have done so far 8 days,we are Ministering each day started from the 1st day of the month,and the (Theme) of this year is taken from the Book of ISamuel 17:32.

David said to the King,and to all the Israel,"Let  no man's heart  fail on account of him; in call this 'Different Eyesight".

we look the same but we have the different eye sight in God, we see as God sees the future, why  you might say to me things are very tough right now, yes i know and i understand it very well, but you need to have Gods eyes.


Dont give up in life, i trust in God despite all what is taking place,we are going to shipp our 4th Containr this year 2010, our shipping date is on the 5th of March 2010.

we will have the Feb.Conference this year in USA, in New Orleans,L,A.keep us in your prayers.

we love you.