In Luke 19:15 we see a mind/word picture of the return of the good master (The Lord, Christ Jesus) calling for those, to whom he had given money (The Word of God more precious then gold or silver) and was expecting a report of how they had handled their stewardship, and the report of the return on investment he was hoping for. If we have been faithful to the "New" commandment in John 13:34 to love one another; even as Jesus has loved His disciples we will indeed be know to be one of His disciples, as much as we go out two by two or in groups and manifest His living . . Loving . . kindness to all people and especially towards those in the household of God in faith, we can even manage to "Manifest" the body of Christ Jesus in our communities. This is not the type of manifestation that takes place inside the walls of brick and morter inside a building called the church. It is the Church; the called out of God in Christ Jesus going out into the world and doing the work of Ministry. After being involved this winter in an Ice Store Disaster, I found many of our sisters and brothers in Christ were "NOT" as willing to leave the comfort and security of their homes and go out and volunteer to "MANIFEST" as I would have believed previously. Here weree some one hundred plus thousand persons without power, heat and many without transportation. There were many places the body of Christ could be manifested in Volunteering to help out with the total package of time, talent, skills, abilities, and resources that the BODY OF ChRIST JESUS is suppose to have available to it and to demonstrate the Love of God, in Christ, in US by caring enough to share and go do. I personnaly am looking forward to this new year of developing God's people to do more volunteer work in our communities. I will be trying to get as many of our local "members of the body" to get training and make preperations to handle adverse situations so as to not be a burden on our local communities but instead be providers of services to the communities we live in. In the process; be given entery to share the love of God, of Christ in us with others. Perhapses even the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Wake up Body! Shake off the lethargic bonds of denominationalism and waiting for some pastor to call you by phone and vist your local red cross, Emergency Services Office, or if you a Veteran contact you American Legion, AMVETS, or VFW of similar group and get invlolved, get trained and get ready to volunteer. Disaster is a wake up call from God! You don't have to wait for an elder of any particular church fellowship to "Approach You and Ask You" the need already exists. Get your whole fellowship involved. Remember Isa 58:7-12 wher the True fast of God is when "YOU" and "YOUR" household do the things spoken of there. Christ indeed whent around praying and fasting as in this form not just depriving his flesh of food and drink. So until we meet again injesus, go do the true fast of God, in Christ, in Us. And may our lord bless and keep you always,, and be with you in all that you undertake to do.