Urban Missionary Training - High School/College INTENSIVE
6 Fridays, Sept. 28th - Nov. 2nd

We've got something coming up in the next few weeks that I am very excited about. For the last sever years we have been going out and preaching the Gospel with power at local hangouts and High School sporting events. This year, we're going to take people with us and show them the ropes" of how to start a revival in public!

Here's some info:

The Urban Missionary Training - High School/College Intensive is a six (6) week training module taking place on Friday evenings that will take High School and College age students from a timid, "defense" oriented Christian to a passionate and empowered "offense" minded believer, equipped with the tools and experience to affect their high school or college campus for the Kingdom of God!

All participants will not only receive training in the miracle ministry of Jesus, but each week, we will actually take you with us as we invade public high school and college campuses with the gospel of the Kingdom of God! You will see with your very own eyes miracles happening on high school and college campuses, kids giving their lives to the Lord and the kingdom of God coming with power!

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Please feel free to pass this on to your friends and family. Have them sign up on the list, we want to spread the fame of Jesus!

Together for the Gospel,
Ryan Lawson

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