HI from Paradise Ao Nang beach …
are you Called or Chosen??
Jesus said, “… For many are Called, but few are Chosen.” (Matt 22:14)
Pray to God that you are Called AND Chosen- amen. :)
We have been called and chosen to GO and to LIVE in Ao Nang Krabi Thailand.
What do you need to contain all your worldy possessions?? This is what it takes in our case!!
Thanks soooooooooooo much for your PRAYERS!!
We made it to Southern Thailand Ao Nang Krabi!! We had so much fun getting lost in Bangkok, we got rained on many times, one of our windshield wipers flew off, it sounded like our old little truck was making new noises, had fun reading the maps we had in Thai & Zina got to practice her map reading skills and we were very thankful that we bought a compass so we could know to go South.
We felt very nervous about driving 12 plus hours from Pattaya to Ao Luk/ Krabi Thailand
BUT God in the end brought us to His hidden PARADISE Ao Nang beach Krabi!!
The fresh sea air, the green trees & plants, the beautiful Buddhist & Muslim people, the southern weather, the beautiful beaches, with possibilities of Christian ministry where none really exist, the new and simple lifestyle is so joyful that we know God in His timing has brought us here. We have so much peace here, it totally feels like home. And we are so excited about what God is doing. We are anxious to join His ministry in Southern Thailand and we can’t wait to have you all visit us!!
We are living in Ao Nang beach Krabi!! Above are some pictures of our road, yes, it turns into dirt,
yes, there are big 2-3 foot long lizards
on it some times (PRAY for Zina about that), we are surrounded by jungle trees and beautiful mountains.
We already connected with some local Christians and there are only two Churches in downtown Krabi, we already connected with Khun RADT/ YWAM ministries and it was great to be with family there. There are no Churches in Ao Nang, there are three Muslim Temples there though and a forth is being built right on the main street down from where we live. The Muslims are very active in Ao Nang and the Christians need to stand up and make Christ known in this city plus a CHURCH building needs to be built NOW!! Does anyone know someone who wants to build a Church where NONE exists, this is the 10-40 window and it will not cost that much and it can be a beach retreat for Christians to come and pray that God would move in Southern Thailand- amen!!
Please take a moment to PRAY!!
  1. We want to start a Fellowship at our new home Ao Nang Krabi.
  2. We want to connect with the Muay Thai family in Ao Nang Krabi.
  3. We want to support, start and help Kun RADT in her children/ Church ministry.
  4. We want to connect with the new missionaries in the Krabi area.
  5. We want to support the local Churches in the Krabi area.
  6. We want to network with the non-Christian community outreaches.
  7. We need a way to get a VISA to stay in Southern Thailand.
To those whom have an ear please hear.
What in your life are you living for?? What are you die-ing for??
What in HIS Life are you DIE-ing for that makes a difference in ETERNITY??
I am sorry, time is short, the Lord is coming soon and Thailand needs your HELP.
Please get involved in the 10-40 window before it closes. J
Again, Thailand as a whole claims
1% Christian, 4% Muslim and 95% Buddhist and in our area,
Ao Nang Krabi the numbers change to
0% Christian, 40% Muslim and 60% Buddhist and the
Harvest is ready NOW!!
I guess I am going to say this again and again until some one wakes up, comes to Thailand and makes a Divine Decision
to make a difference in Heaven now in Thailand. NOW is the time, there has not been a major move of God in Thailand,
the Christian Religion has been here for over 170 years and NOW Christ’s Passionate Saints need to get involved here before
the doors close. Thailand is in a VICE, China- Miramar- Burma- Laos- Cambodia and Vietnam are the Communist/ Atheists
pressure from the NORTH and then the Muslims from the South- Malaysia and Indonesia are the bringing up pressure.
Thailand is in the middle, the only thing that I can see keeping Thailand strong in order to defend from the pressure from the
North and South is the KING of Thailand. When the King of Thailand passes, all HELL will release and God only knows
what will happen to Thailand soooooooooooooo now is the time. Please HELP Thailand, please come to Thailand,
please make a sacrifice to do something in Thailand and if anything put a NOTE on your PRAYER wall to pray for
the CENTER of South East ASIA – Thailand.
May GOD truly keep it as the “Land of the FREE” so we can proclaim the Good News of God
to the hungry hearts which are ready to receive it- amen!!
Why is it that Muslims are more committed to sacrifice their life for their god
than Christians are committed to sacrifice their life to the One True God??
Is that the way it just is as life on earth??
September just pasted, remember 911,
many Muslims sacrificed their life to their god, they were committed and
are most of today’s American Christians are committed
to sacrifice their lives to the true God and Creator of all??
I am sorry if I am too radical, true Christianity is radical,
it is  crazy in sacrificial love and it should be the normal standard of a
Christians life to sacrifice to see God’s will and kingdom come right??
Okay, I will stop preaching and calm my convictions down for now.  
Thanks so much, love in His Death, Life and PASSION, Doc. :)
PS- A special blessing to those who have sacrificed to support us financially!!
God has given us a chosen faithful few, it means so much, I don’t have words to
express it and anything I think of seems to fall short of what I really want to say.
Thank you, thank you and thank you!!
God will bless you 100 times over but with PERSECUTIONS too. :)
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