The Coming Prophetic Shift by Kelly Deppen of Bridges Revelatory Ministry

A Prophetic Shift or a Swiss Chalet:  What'll It Be?

There are people out there frozen in time and space and spirit.  They are clinging to a prophetic word, a bit of hyped up misinformation about their lives, their destinies, or their deepest held hopes.  This inanimate chunk of information is the wall that they cannot get over, and sadly they sit inert having also lost the spiritual ability to see over it as well.

If I had the time and, not to mention a nod from God, I would travel about, sitting down to coffee with the thousands and thousands of precious people whose lives are on freeze-frame.  You see, the recent "prophetic movement' has created a lot of living fossils.

Over that cup of coffee I would look deeply into the eyes of the fossilized one and I would do a new thing (see, I am prophetic).  I would listen.  I would listen to the heart of this lover of Jesus.  I would discern their countenance and I would see this person.  I would see.

I was a speaker at a Prophetic Gathering three years ago.  I was just sort of an ancillary speaker, not the person of celebrity that people came and booked hotel rooms to see.  I was the Saturday afternoon, not everybody needs to attend this session, speaker.  Still, to my good credit we did have a room full of precious prophetic movement participants.  And, cheeky as I can be, I began to tell a future tale (prophesy) of a "New Thing" that Jesus intended for all people - not just for the ones who traveled to every prophetic conference, apostolic council, or charismatic conflab. This revelation was for everyone. You have to understand that as I listened and contemplated and spent time in the presence of Jesus in the weeks leading up to this meeting, I understood perfectly well that the "New Thing" that I was to introduce and decree was ironically absolutely nothing new at all.  

So, that Saturday afternoon I spoke of the coming change to the "Prophetic Movement."  I expressed simply the issues of heart that I felt and experienced as coming from the heart of Jesus through Holy Spirit in the weeks previous.

How did I hear these things is a fair question.  I heard them in my spirit in a thousand beautiful expressions of Jesus.  It was a banqueting table.  Jesus was served to me in a spiritual communion that is the inheritance of every person.  I feasted upon His presence.  I read Him in Isaiah and in the writings of Paul and John the Beloved.  I saw Him in the beauty of the hills where I go hiking. As I listened to my family and friends I heard the words of Jesus echoed and affirmed.

I drank the wine of a still, small voice Who whispered, "Tell the people - this ain't it."  

So, I take the platform at the Prophetic Conference and as I look out I see hungry, hungry people.  As the popular "christianese" expression goes,  "They were hungry for God!"  But, to me it was a deeply sad thing to see those hungry eyes because what the people had been taught and trained to expect - the thing that they hungered for was just that - a thing.  Information.

As I stood on the platform it was easy to discern the hungriest of the hungry.  These dear folks were craning their necks to be recognized or to make eye contact.  Their desire that afternoon was to be "called out" by the prophetic woman.  Over the decades of the Prophetic Movement it became de rigueur in meetings to have the minister or speaker point to a person and have that person stand while the prophetic one expounded on some future information regarding the individual.  

Let me digress for one second and tell you the saddest yet the funniest prophetic tale I have ever heard.  Two dear friends of mine, prophetic ministers both, were in a conference several years ago when a prophetic type called upon them with all of the esoteric weightiness and flash and dash he could command.  As my friends stood to "receive the word" as is the protocol, the man publicly conferred upon them a Swiss Chalet.  I shift you not!

Never mind that my friends had just relocated to Lubbock and purchased a large home where they could also have their ministry office.  That day "God said Swiss Chalet."  Yodel--lay-hee-hoo.

You can see where this is going...

Back in my Saturday afternoon Prophetic Conference I began to weep as I spoke.  This was not my choice; it was my response to the stream of revelatory words I had the privilege to speak. I began by humbly calling for a change of heart and a change of prophetic focus.  The simplest way for me to express what I discerned as the heart of God was to share the impact it was having upon my own heart.  I shared with the conference that I was committing myself and my prophetic ministry to the revelation of Jesus Christ.  I made an honest commitment to reveal Jesus in my ministry and my life as I am enabled by the grace of God and Holy Spirit.  

Then, I put out an invitation for friends.  "Who wants to walk this revelatory life?"  "Who will commit to the Revelation and who is willing to forsake the counterfeit feeling of power that it gives one to have the information?"

I was not looking to recruit devotees to our ministry.  I was not looking for donations.  I was looking for friends:

"I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."  Revelation 19:10

After that Saturday, we changed the name of our ministry from Bridges Prophetic Ministry to Bridges Revelatory Ministry.  We considered it a prophetic act, a decree of our commitment to the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  It is not an act of defiance, hopefully this does not make us heretics.  We have been a part of the prophetic movement for twenty years or more.  We love and honor our fellow servants.  But during that time three years ago we clearly heard the Lord leading us into what we will call a more focused expression of His Prophetic ministry in the earth realm and we discern that this is a focused commitment to Reveal Jesus.  Many times, still, He does give a word of knowledge, a strategic bit of information.  This also, is revelatory because as we examine the words He says we see the revelation in them and the intent of His Heart to bring the recipient into a clearer realization of Himself and His Love, to provoke the recipient to manifest His Love in all aspects of life - especially to others.

During these times when all spheres of society have gone critical, people hold to the counterfeit notion that the discovery of a byte of information can make a society altering difference.  I don't think so.  As a parallel to contemporary culture I see Christians and especially some in the Prophetic Movement espousing this same mindset:  that the information will change and transform, reform and renew.  Again, I don't think so.

Only a greater and a more profound Revelation of Jesus has the force of Love and the power to change the hearts of men.  I live so that everyone will know this beautiful God-Man.  

Keep the Swiss Chalets.

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Kelly Deppen is an alum of Messiah college in Grantham, PA where her great grandparents were co-founders.  Her business degree is from Pennsylvania State University.  She left a 22 year corporate career in Marketing and Organizational Leadership 4 years ago to write and speak full time.  She is the author of PARABOLA:  Experiencing Jesus Christ as Reality released November 2008 in Second Edition.  Kelly and her husband David serve via Bridges Revelatory Ministry.  Their mission is to be a coherent and compassionate prophetic voice to all faith expressions and to all cultures and people-groups.                      

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