City of Refuge Community

CRC INDY LOGO SMALLIntroduction and Definitions


The following is a verbal portrait of an emerging kingdom community and strategy in the Indianapolis (Central Indiana) area called the City of Refuge Community or CRC. Simply put, CRC is a community of relationships that exists to:

Ø  Enjoy, example and expand the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven

Ø  Provide an authentic atmosphere where a mixture of cultures, socioeconomic status levels, ethnicities, families and generations can encounter God’s kingdom culture together

Ø  Stand together as God’s priesthood passionately embracing the Holy Spirit of life, prosperity and genuine relationship

Ø  Tear down the walls between Kingdom Ministry and Kingdom Business.  Through equipping the Community we are taking peoples talents along with their gifting into Kingdom Business thereby sewing business profits back into the Body of Christ. 


Our Name defined:

The letters “CRC” stand for City of Refuge Community. This name is derived from Israel’s historical settling of the Promised Land in Numbers 35 and Joshua 6 & 20. (Numbers 16, Isaiah 58, 61 & 62, Acts 1-4 and Ephesians 2 & 4 also provide additional perspective) In the books of Numbers and Joshua, we find God instructing Moses and Joshua as Israel’s leaders at the time, how to divide the Promised Land as Israel’s inheritance and designate (6) specific cities for a special purpose.


These cities were dedicated “safe-zones” into which anyone who committed an accidental murder in the course of daily life could flee for sanctuary and a fair trial. There, the accused was protected until he/she stood trial; and if they were judged innocent, they could live there until the death of the existing High Priest at which time they were released to freely return with their family to their homeland.


Although the name City of Refuge is borrowed from the Old Testament, the vision for CRC is rooted in both the New Testament Covenant of Grace and the redeeming work of Jesus Christ our High Priest. We believe that CRC should be a place of refuge where people of all generations, ethnicities, socioeconomic status and backgrounds can find a reprieve from the accidents and failures of their past. Therefore, at CRC we will minister the forgiveness, freedom and protection found in Jesus Christ (John 3) and the Throne of Grace (Heb 4). The specific mission of CRC is to provide sanctuary for the guilty to be forgiven, the condemned to go free and the dying to find new life in the Indianapolis area and beyond.


Our Community defined:

CRC has intentionally chosen to become a “Community” because:

Ø  We want to build and celebrate real and vital relationships with both God and Man apart from dead religious tradition(s)

Ø  We believe the term “community” in American Culture better expresses our values:

·         “comm” referring to the values of common, shared, accessible, mutual in responsibility

·         “unity” referring to the values of together, relationship, covenant in spirit


Our Leadership defined:

The leadership structure of CRC will be built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets along with Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists (Eph 2:20, 4:11-12, 1Cor 12:28) serving together on a leadership team to shepherd the Community.


CRC will develop a leadership culture that is marked by humility, service and honor which will empower them to “get under, not rule over” the community. The fact that not many churches in America are organized and/or functioning “apostolically” at this time does not detour our pursuit of this apostolic pattern of community.     

Vision, Values, Mission and Declarations


Our Vision: What does God desire to accomplish through us?

We are a kingdom-minded Community who believes that God desires to reveal Himself through our expressions of worship, forgiveness, compassion, healing and family.


Our Slogan: “We minister from open heavens with open hearts through open hands”

Ø  Open heavens: our perspective from where we are living (Eph 2:6)

Ø  Open hearts: our pursuit in relationship to our world (John 4:20-21)

Ø  Open hands: our practice in relationship to others (James 2:5)


Our Core Values: What are the foundational and non-negotiable values of CRC? (These are Guidelines not Rules)

We value:

1.    God’s Presence over programs

2.    Honor over control

3.    Covenant Relationships over individualism

4.    A Kingdom Gospel over Salvation alone

5.    Equipping & Discipleship over spoon feeding people

6.    Unity of the Spirit over doctrinal agreement

7.    Ethnic Mix of people honoring one another     

8.    Individual Integrity over great ability

9.    Redeemed Identity over great ministry

10.  Spiritual Empowerment of every child


Our Mission: “What does CRC desire to accomplish and with whom?”

We have a two-fold mission that contains both a vertical focus and a horizontal focus:

Vertical Focus:

Ø  To create a community where worship and intercession makes God’s presence, power and kingdom assessable to every willing person in our community and region

Horizontal Focus:

Ø  To create a community where every willing person is invited on a spiritual journey toward their wholeness, freedom, restoration and identity in Christ


Our Declarations: about CRC: “What we say about Community.”

We are:

Ø  A Healing Community that believes God desires our whole being to be restored

Ø  An Equipping Community that believes every individual is valuable and capable

Ø  A Releasing Community that believes we are all called to be kingdom ministers


Our Affiliations: “How is CRC connected?”

We are a part of a world-wide River Network of Revival Churches in covenant partnership with Bethel Church / Pastor Bill Johnson in Redding, CA.


At CRC, our objective is to create a community where real world culture can encounter real kingdom culture through people who can thrive in both realms without compromise. We desire to simultaneously love people as well as love our God without being “legalistic” about either. We believe our world needs a credible kingdom community that is fully empowered by God’s Spirit and yet sensitive to how and when that power is demonstrated. Accepting that challenge, we will incorporate the following cultural priorities into our community while remaining open to change as we go.


Cultural Priorities

CRC Cultural Priorities:

Presence of God:

We believe that the Presence of God is our greatest asset as well as our deepest aspiration. We believe that we receive everything we need in this life from God’s Presence as we pursue passionate worship and spiritual transformation.


Covenant Relationships:

We believe that Covenant Relationships are the foundation stones of our Community. We embrace them as eternal and pro-actively protect them by choosing to honor one another as we journey together in a life-giving relationship with God.



We believe that Honor is both our relational currency and protection in and around our Community. Honor gives us the supernatural ability to see the highest value of every individual and embrace their uniqueness without compromising our own individual value and uniqueness.


Unity of the Spirit:

We believe that Unity of the Spirit is God’s idea to empower His people to honor and respect their created differences. We can recognize, enjoy and preserve the Unity of the Spirit by our reverent conduct toward one another as well as find ourselves outside of that unity when trust, honor and respect are absent.


Kingdom Gospel:

We believe in the full gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached and demonstrated during His ministry here on earth. We believe that we have been fully commissioned and empowered to preach and demonstrate a message of Salvation that includes forgiveness, deliverance, healing, prosperity, restoration and favor with God.    


Apostolic Leadership and Ministry Institute (ALMI):

We believe in leaving a kingdom legacy for the next generation of God’s people by equipping, empowering and releasing emerging leaders in our Community. To that end, we will establish an Apostolic Leadership & Ministry Institute (ALMI) as part of our over-all strategy to:

Ø  Replicate disciples with a kingdom mentality and a heart for people

Ø  Train, equip and release emerging Apostolic Leaders and Church Planters

Ø  Create an on-going educational experience with a variety of ministry focuses  


Are you ready to experience the City of Refuge Community?


As you read this, we invite you to honestly assess if now is the time to invest your life in something bigger than you, more important than you and leave a legacy that will outlast you?


Because CRC is a “multi-cultural community” that desires to relate specifically in the Indianapolis area, we are looking for:

Ø  People of all ethnicities and generations who want to be part of a community that pursues spiritual truth and genuine relationships with equal passion

Ø  People of all ethnicities, generations and socioeconomic status who aspire to be leaders in areas of their expertise and calling in unity with our Leadership Team


Because CRC desires to be compassionate to everyone living in the Indianapolis region, we are looking for:

Ø  Those who are willing to engage people within any culture or generation in our sphere of influence

Ø  Those who have compassion for the poor, the elderly and the most disadvantaged among us


Because CRC desires to build genuine relationships with both God and man, we are looking for:

Ø  Those who have a passion for both discipleship and mentoring in all areas of life

Ø  Those who have a “father & mother heart” to mentor and impart what they possess


Because CRC will have Apostolic Leadership that empowers our Community to live and minister at the highest levels of integrity, anointing and authority, we are looking for:

Ø  Those who desire to live in and minister from a kingdom perspective within an Apostolic Culture and Community


Because CRC desires to be a place where the Presence of God is demonstrated in supernatural ways, we are looking for:

Ø  Those who are passionate about building, honoring and valuing Covenant Relationships

Ø  Those who desire to pursue the tangible presence of God through transformational worship

Ø  Those who are not intimidated to demonstrate the full Kingdom Gospel which includes forgiveness, deliverance, healing, prosperity, restoration and favor with God


Because CRC has chosen to be “kingdom minded” in perspective, we are looking for:

Ø  Those who are comfortable to think and live in cross-cultural, cross-generational, cross-denominational and trans-world environments

Ø  Those who desire to plant churches and replicate the kingdom ministry of Jesus Christ   


If you have identified yourself in one or more of these ideas, then we would like the opportunity to speak with you about a future relationship.


Please contact us at:

David Chadwick: 317-379-2727 /     

Jolene Chadwick: 317-313-8907 /