This is really pretty exciting! You may have noticed I don't like asking for money. The Star Project has many donors, but you dear people give without my asking you. I don’t want this ministry to appear to be about money, because it is NOT. The heart of this project is to share the celestial poetry announcing Jesus FREELY. It’s HIS star, so I press on, donations or not...

You might wonder how I can afford to travel in East Asia without asking for support. The answer is I spend my own money. I use donations when I have them -- some of you helped send me to Asia last month. But donations did not cover the Asia costs, so I paid from my own pocket. I want to do it. It’s a kingdom investment.

On the other hand, I know many of you would love to help the Star Project. You call and write to say you want to be part of what God is doing. Bless you! Many more of you would help were it easy and affordable. Here’s good news...

Amazing news, really! The Star Project has partnered with Capital One to issue the Star Project Visa Platinum Card, and it is the most beautiful card you will ever put in your wallet. With our familiar Star art on the front, it could even be an introduction to mention His Star whenever you pull it out. When you use it, it supports the Star. Sweet.

Sweeter: the Star Card has great features. While it is prudent to pay your full card balance monthly, our card has a 0% introductory interest rate, no annual membership fees and no application fee. Read about it here: If your application is accepted, for every dollar you spend with your new card, Capital One sends a penny to support the Star Project. Plus, if you use your new card this month (December), Capital One will send $50 to help support the Star Project at no cost to you!

Please use the link above and apply! And if you have time, please pray with me:

“Father, it’s no mystery to you that ministry on Earth costs money. People gave Jesus money so He could travel and teach. Thank you that each of us has enough to support your work and your people. Thank you for this new Star Card. Please use it to further your purposes. Not just to help the Star Project, but to start many conversations, to call attention to Jesus again and again. To put Him at the center of our attention whenever we see it. We ask these things in Jesus’ name, amen.”


PS: You can also donate by PayPal. Send to

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