God will mess up your makeup.


I remember preaching at a children’s camp some years ago. The children were around 10-15 years of age. After a few sessions God began to move on many of the kids. Gradually as they became affected by the presence of the Holy Spirit they began to lose interest in goofing and playing around. The anointing fell on many of the younger ones again and again. Large numbers were lying on the floor; weeping and laughing under the presence of the Holy Spirit.


But there were about seven girls around twelve or thirteen years of age that were untouched by what was happening, or at least appeared to be untouched. They mainly ignored what was going on and just kept to themselves. These were very pretty, preppy, little girls. Where most of the children were dressed in jeans, shorts and tee-shirts, they were dressed up very nicely with blouses, designer jeans, or cool looking dresses for the evening meetings. With their makeup and eye shadow and nice dresses they almost looked out of place when most of the other children were on the floor bawling or laughing. While this was happening, some of these girls were rolling their eyes, others were yawning, others were primping their hair, undoing their purses and getting out their face mirrors to check on their appearances. The Holy Spirit told me that they were struggling and coming under conviction, but were trying to throw it off.


It was interesting to watch what was happening. As the Holy Spirit’s presence became stronger, some of the girls’ mouths began to quiver. Shortly after, some of them began to lose their composure. It wasn’t long before tears began to flood out of their eyes and their mascara was soon running down their cheeks. Then their whole bodies began to shake and all of them ended up on the floor totally messed up. “I didn’t know that Jesus loved me so much,” some of the were crying. For the rest of the camp those little girls were radically changed. They were still pretty and cute, but their eyes were no longer on their image, but His. What a wonderful camp that was.




Dignified Teenagers


One time I was ministering to the children at a Baptist school. I had all the kids from 3rd grade through 12th grade. But I decided to separate them and minister to the younger ones first, but I kept the older ones in the meetings.  It wasn’t very long before the younger ones responded to my preaching and the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Even in the first session the Holy Spirit began to move and we had a wonderful break through when I began to pray for the kids. I then preached to the older ones, but made no alter call or prayed for them. I told them I didn’t think they were ready to receive the Holy Spirit. I had been watching them to observe how they responded to the younger ones being affected. They were looking with disinterest, but not with disdain. I knew that the Holy Spirit would move on them, but not yet; as they weren’t ready.

I was at the school for two or three days and several sessions with all the children. The younger ones were having wonderful experiences and were heavily under the anointing most of the time. The older ones were still observing. Every time I met with the older ones, I told them that they could have the same experience as the younger ones, but I still didn’t think that they were ready. Revival had broken out with the youngsters and the older teens were still watching. I left it to the last session with the older ones as I was flying home that afternoon and this was their last opportunity to receive in that morning meeting. I had noticed that their disinterest had grown into hunger and their hunger was now at the point of desire. Again I said that I still didn't know if they were really ready. Then when I saw the look on their faces of desperation,  I finally asked them. “Are you now ready to receive?” “Yes! Yes!” they cried. In many of my church meetings, a number of parents only bother to bring their children to one session and almost throw their kids at me to pray for them, when they are not ready or willing. Fortunately this was not the case.


I left that meeting to catch my plane with all the older ones totally messed up on the floor under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Crying, laughing, shaking, weeping, and totally losing all of their dignity. That was one of the most enjoyable flights home I have ever had. Mission accomplished!  


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