Are you willing to lose your place in this world? Are you willing to be nothing so that Christ can be ALL?

There are so many days when I must make the decision between what I want to do, what appeals to my selfish desires- and what the Lord would want me to do. This sounds easy enough, but there is really so much deceitfulness in our selfish desires, there are so many lies that the world and much of the church has bombarded us with that it is difficult at times to tell the difference between selfish desires, advice from the world, and real Truth.

So many of us are seeking some recognition, even in areas that seem 'good'. We all want to be someone. It is our nature. We must realize that we ARE someone to God- and this is all that should matter- how He sees us.

Losing our 'place' in this world. This 'place' may be our expectation of who we want to be, who we want others to think we are, what we've always wanted to be, what we've always wanted to do. Are we willing to lay everything down if God's will for us is something else?

Jesus said He came to "do the will of My Father". Am I willing to do the same?

In His Love, Chanin