Praise the Lord, my wife Lydia she was Ministering to us at our prayer Revival conference 2010,we are holding services every day for the next 31 days.


She delivered the very powerful message on Jacob and Esau when he lost his Birth right and blessings in the same time,But God gave Esau a choice, as what Jesus did to you and me today,make your own choice too.(Gen.27:40)

Isaac said to Esau his first born when he cried Father "Do you have only one blessing my Father? Isaac answered, to his son,38-40vs.

"After you make your decision, or after you  make up your mind,"That you shall break his Yoke from your neck."i know this for sure if you are tyred you will pray untill things happen in your life in Jesus Name.


Dont give up with all what your in this Year 2010, God has more for you.

In Jesus Name be blessed and overcome the enemy.