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Life is a Decision

Adapt this message to your style and circumstances and preach with conviction

by Ps Howard Sands

If you're going to allow Christ in your life it's a decision

Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone open the door I will come in Rev 3.20
It's your decision to open the door

Every stage of your development in God is a decision
God won't force himself on you
He's got more to give you than you could ever imagine
You must decide to seek after God


1 Praise and Worship is a Decision

eg. David understood this  -  He spoke to his soul, he commanded it to praise God
The real him, he spoke to that which was down,
Ps103.1/5 Bless the Lord, Oh my soul.
He reminded himself of all the reasons he had to praise God
That his first duty to God was to praise with ALL that he had Ps 34.1/4

eg. Mary understood the need to praise God in her situation,  pregnant not married
Lk 1.46/55 My soul does magnify the Lord


2 Receiving from God is a Decision

Ps 84.11 No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly
If He's not withholding and we don't have  - what's the problem
Maybe we're not receiving

Abraham had the promise of a son/heir  -  held on to it and received it
Heb 11.17 Having got the promise keep faith and patience until you receive
Heb 10.36


3 Exercising Your Faith is a Decision

eg. Disciples in boat,   Jesus asleep,    storm
Mk 4.35/41
v40 Jesus said, "why are you so fearful" ie more fearful than you need to be
Jesus said, "How is it you have no faith"
ie. I cannot see any faith because your fear has overtaken it because you are more fearful than you ought to be.

They had faith,  -  they believed Jesus was the  Son of God
Jesus was saying,- why is it you did not believe I would save you.
They didn't use the faith they had, Exercising your faith is a decision


Faith is necessary to receive anything from God  Heb 11.6
Fear is not from God 2 Tim 1.7

eg. They brought in on a bed paralysed man and let him down through the roof
Jesus seeing their faith said, ..... How did He see it?
They did something - they took action on their believing


4 Doing Something for God is  a Decision

Jer 1.4/9 Don't say I cannot speak
Don't be afraid of their faces
I have put my words in your mouth


1 Tim 4.12 Let no man despise your youth
don't let age or other circumstantial things get in your way of doing the will of God  God is bigger than them


2 Tim 1.6/8 Stir up the gift that is in you by the laying on of my hands, the gift is in you, use it


There are people here today; and you've been waiting for God to do something supernaturally in your life.
He's waiting for you!
Life is a decision!  -  Yours
Decide to do it and Go For IT


You need to decide today
1 you're going to praise the Lord
Even if you don't feel like it, understand it or want to.
It's the 1st step in receiving from the Lord


You need to decide today
2 You're going to receive
The blessing of the Lord makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it Prov 10.22
You've resisted the blessing of the Lord because you thought it was Godly to go without
Now it's time to receive


You need to decide today
3 To use your faith
I'm going to use it when my circumstances look hard
Abraham believed God that he would have son/heir even though his body and Sarah's denied it


You need to decide today
4 To stir up the gift that is in you for God
Don't go home and say that was a good sermon/or a lousy sermon
God wants you to do something for Him
The days are short, the labourers are few,  but the rewards are great.


Prayer Partners
We love and appreciate our prayer partners, we pray for you and your ministry on a regular basis and thank you for your prayers for this ministry.
If you request to become a prayer partner with us we will send you periodic updates on our ministry and prayer requests.
Just send us an email and we'll add you to the list. You can also send us your photo for inclusion in our prayer partners wall.


Reports from Around the Network

We look forward to receiving your reports also of the success of your mission to tell your world about Christ. Why not send us a brief report to share with the world through The Outreach Files..


Reaching to unreached people. Pakistan is open for the Gospel

In last Month on 25 Aug 2006 we had one day healing crusade in unreached area. Twelve have been healed and eighteen gave their lives to the Lord and accepted Him as saviour and Lord in their lives. Ps karamat and his team are doing the follow-up work and giving them basic teaching of Christian faith, We Praise God!
Women Ministry.
Safian & Nabila hold women seminar with 50 women, Safian share the word of God with them. Eight of them come to Jesus and accepted Him as their saviour and Lord. We praise God for Safina and Nabila and for their prayer team they meet every Wednesday and pray for the work of our Lord in
We praise God for Hamira, she is young lady. She has join the women Ministry and working for Women and Children in this ministry. Please pray for her that may our Lord give her wisdom and knowledge to work for His Glory.
Adult literacy.
Nabila gave me report about the literacy program and said that literacy program is also running well and some more people have also joined the
Literacy School. We start this project with 22 students and now there are thirty five women learning reading and writing from the word of God. We praise God for this project.
Ps Tariq M Khan, President:, Evangelical Apostolic Church.



There is a mighty move of the Spirit of God in this place. God is fulfilling His promise according to Joel 2:28 and He is pouring His Spirit on all flesh irrespective of religion and denomination. School children and College students are experiencing a wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They are not able to have classes in most of the schools and colleges nearly everyday.

Class room and auditoriums have been converted into chapels and prayer rooms.

Churches, those who do not accept the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, are crying with tears, are full packed almost everyday and are welcoming the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Even some of them suddenly start speaking in tongues.

In Pine Mount Girls High School, the first girl to receive the touch of the Holy Spirit was a Muslim.

I request all of you to please pray hard and hang on to the move of this revival.

God bless all of you. 

Manmohan SIngh.



We have conveyed the Gospel to more than 1500 individuals in last three months and about 57 people believed and took baptism  and from my central church there are 25 newly baptized. We have just started short term Bible training to equip leaders, we can do much but lack of materials and resources we are bound to do limited ministry. we need your prayer and support to extend His kingdom in Nepal.

Pastor Jeet Bahadur Bhitrakoti,

Eternal Life Church Ministries, Nepal



Our activity during Saturday is doing good with God’s mercy and grace. It is growing in numbers and in the spiritual area. The love of God continue to pour out to all the kids and because of this they can give thanks to God for it during the children church testimony time. Also we’ve noticed that some kids who attended the service are neighbours and friends of these sponsored kids that are helped send to school. The children are bringing other children to Jesus. The children church is being ministered by Pastor Jon Fajardo with the help of Pastor Melchor Abenalis and the students of the church planting school. Melcah continue to actively oversee the children ministry. Praise God.!!!

Robert Cuenca


Outreach Ideas

Roger Doriot is involved in training Mother Tongue Translators and facilitating several new Bible translation projects in Papua, Indonesia (formerly Irian Jaya). He is very interested in contacting others involved in this area (to share ideas) and others interested in praying for this area. He says: "The Lord is doing some GREAT things in Papua (and world-wide) using national translators to translate back into their own languages!"
Write to: rogerdoriot(at)


A new training course, is believed to be the first to combine urban mission and church planting. "Crucible" equips participants to develop

new and creative forms of church such as 'café churches', virtual churches and churches for the socially exclu... Read On:


"MURDER MILE" Church Leaders Take the Gospel to the Streets
Janelle Oswald/TN (Jun 22, 2006)

"Preaching from the pulpit is no longer effective because only those who attend church can hear the message."

"Murder Mile" in east London, is reportedly one of London's toughest streets. There, Bishop Wayne Malcolm of the Christian Life Centre, is actively targeting gang violence, along with other church leaders in the area, through the "new phenomenon" of street preaching. As a result, says reporter Janelle Oswald, Malcolm's "ability to communicate with the young and the needy have resulted in many gang members laying down their weaponry during his service and giving up their lives of crime."


"Old-style traditional preaching from the pulpit can no longer save the youth who are dying on the streets," says Malcolm. "Preaching from the pulpit is no longer effective, because only those who attend church can hear the message. Churches can no longer preach to the converted, but we have to reach the unconverted. One of the best solutions to help save young people from joining gangs is to influence their thoughts. Behavior is driven by belief."

According to a report in The Voice, Malcolm's "tailor-made" youth conventions have spread like wildfire across the U.K.  More...


OVER 1800 DECIDE FOR JESUS at Canada exhibition
Lorne and Rita Silverstein set up a so-called 'Angel's Booth' at an Edmonton and Calgary Fair offering Free Spiritual Readings.

Christians shared prophetic words expressing God's love for people, prayer being the major element before and during the outreach. As a result many Moslems and Sikhs found out Jesus is the only way to God, and atheists became believers in Christ. So did big bike gang members, many families, people who were into Scientology, and even some psychics. They discovered that there is a God who knows them and loves them and has real power to change their lives. Many teenagers in groups of three or more held hands around a table to welcome Jesus into their hearts together.
Lorne and Rita Silverstein


How many unreached people are there in the world?
For example in Indonesia we have 200 million unreached people.
GPRS, 40,
Jakarta, Indonesia


If you go to Joshua Project you will find the best and latest information in the world about Unreached Peoples.


From: Alex Montanano, Philippines
Jesus did not command the whole world to go to church.
Jesus commanded his church to go to the whole world.



Free downloadable tracts for ministry to Muslims, Eastern Orthodox and new believers in several languages are available at:
The tracts are in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, French, Portuguese, Chechen, Tatar or Korean. Most tracts are in both PDF and Word formats, and print out ready to use or copy. The author, missionary Kerby, asks all who choose to translate any of these tracts into new languages to send the new translation in PDF and Word format to him at kerbyrials(at)
That way others can use them, too. (He would also like to know if you are using the tract(s), and any comments you might have.)


What in the World is Happening

High tea party draws more than 400 prostitutes to church.
Tanzania: Burdened to reach the women in the sex trade, Africa Inland Mission's Chris Hamilton, together with local believers and a short-term 'Jesus is Life' team, personally invited the women to a special tea party outreach. The next day, 420 ladies showed up for the tea party. ... Read On:


Bringing Good Tidings To Bhutan - 9/19/2006

 In a country known for strict surveillance and regulation of Christianity, a previously unreached village now has a new fellowship group with 35 believers gathering to worship the Lord. Three GFA missionaries traveled over mountains and through forests for three days to reach an isolated village in southern Bhutan. They were the first to ever bring the Gospel into that vil...

Read On:


from: Mission Network News (

Some consider the country to be one of the least-evangelized nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Two years' devotion toward the launch of gospel programming in Niger (nee-JHER) culminated this month. Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope ( says they just dedicated a new recording facility in the city of Maradi. They are working with an indigenous partner to produce gospel programming five days a week in Hausa and French for air on local radio stations.

"The first broadcasts were on the air during the first week of September and already, even after the first day, there was a report of favorable comments from local people including some non-Christians who thought that the program sounded very worthwhile."

Words of Hope will also continue to provide materials and help train local pastors to pursue broadcasting opportunities on local community stations. Pray for the staff as they reach this heavily Muslim area with the gospel.
Source with picture (


Coming Events

Are you in AP, India or Pakistan

BFTF Is considering a ministry visit and would like to hear from you. Please write us with your location and a very brief description of the size of your ministry

Pastors and leaders interested in joining the team write for details.



Brigada Today have listed some additional ideas on prayer for missions in the local church. Thanks much to those who took the time to contribute!!!
Go to item 7 at


 As you read below I hope that you would be encouraged to pray that we may begin to see your nation in a movement towards transformation. Uganda is moving swiftly as the Lord continues to be welcomed in the many gates of their cities, including the government who pledged Uganda to Jesus Christ for the next 1000 years.

They have gone from less than 1% Christian just 20 years ago, to more than 40% "born again" Christians. Jackson will be hosting a Marketplace Summit in October 2006 in the capital city of Kampala and would like to extend an invitation to those in the marketplace who might be called to join him. There will also be opportunities for some to teach workshops and also to go into the businesses and pray for the owners and leaders in the business community.
Robert Ricciardelli is trying to assemble up to 50 business leaders who have a desire to go.


By Jackson Senyonga

In Uganda, an evil tyrant shut down churches and massacred people by the thousands. Still, the people prayed.

The Christian church in Uganda is thriving. Despite the legacy of Idi Amin, the evil dictator who ravaged and plundered the East African country during the 1970s, Uganda is experiencing what many say is a spiritual revival. Under Amin's regime, violence and oppression prevailed, churches were ordered closed, and people died by the hundreds of thousands. But as the devastation spread, a remnant of believers began to pray. Here Jackson Senyonga, an international prayer leader and senior pastor of the 22,000-member Christian Life Church in Uganda's capital city of Kampala, explains how God brought transformation to his beleaguered nation.


In Uganda, we got our revival through devastation. The suffering of the people was beyond description, and no one came to our rescue. But God used the opportunity to wake a nation from its spiritual coma.


A remnant of believers went into the jungle. They gathered in underground caves. In desperation they prayed, "Lord, we don't know what to do. But you know." These people prayed continuously. They prayed desperate, deep, consistent, groaning prayers that never took no for an answer. They prayed until they saw a change.


Today, researchers say Uganda is one of the most transformed nations on the face of the earth. We've seen God transform the political system, the marketplace, and the church.

At 8 A.M. in the State House, people pray. The Parliament doesn't want to discuss things until they pray. The judges don't want to judge until they pray. The police are faxing prayer requests to the judges. The crime rate is dropping—down 70 percent in some communities. A major bank in the capital city of Kampala plays praise and worship music on all 11 floors.


Because God is everywhere, people are dreaming spiritual dreams. We've had Muslims and witch doctors come to our church saying, "I have never been to church in my life, but I had a dream. In my dream, I was putting on rags and rotten stuff. Somebody was telling me that I should come to church to get clean, white clothes. So I am here to find out if you give out clothes." They don't understand the dream. When you tell them the meaning of it, they burst into tears and give their lives to Jesus.


People come to our intercessors, who spend the night in the church, and say, "I cannot sleep. Something is telling me that I must give my life to Jesus." These people end up receiving Christ in the middle of the night.


At one point, aids in Uganda was at 33.3 percent. The World Health Organization predicted that Uganda's economy would collapse by 1999 or 2000 because there would be only widows and orphans left. So people sought the Lord and prayed. Today, thanks to prayer, education, and abstinence campaigns, aids has dropped to 5 percent.


Second Chronicles 7:14 says, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." God is healing Uganda! He is harvesting the nation to himself. In the next eight to ten years, it is estimated that 95 percent of the 1.8 million residents of Kampala will be Christians.


Our church started with seven people. God told me, "Move into the capital and start a church. If you will obey me, I will use your obedience to touch your church, your city, your nation, and the nations around." We went from seven to 2,000 people in two weeks, and we never read a book about church growth.


None of this is to say that I'm special and wonderful. I know this has nothing to do with me. Jesus was very serious when he said, "Apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15:5).

Still, transformation like we've experienced in Uganda is not automatic. Every time God talks about transformation and revival, he uses the word "if." God is not obligated to send it if we are not willing to satisfy the conditions. Second Chronicles 7:14 begins with, "If my people." The same condition appears in Job 8:5-6: "If you would earnestly seek God and make your supplication to the Almighty … surely now he would awake for you" (NKJV).


We have to begin the process by becoming men and women of intercession. We must desire the glory and power of God more than anything we want for ourselves. We must want God to come because we want his glory to be seen. We must want there to be fewer people in hell and more people in heaven. We must want him to come to our land and suppress evil and release good.

In America, people want things quick, big, and cheap. It's the drive-through mentality: "Give it to me now, and super-size it, for 99 cents." We want it without obedience, sacrifice, inconvenience, or discomfort. But the Bible says to seek God earnestly. Seeking means praying until you get an answer, disciplining yourself to keep on until you find what you're looking for.


In Uganda, we are living in a time of transformation. And the glory of God will transform America, too. Continue praying. There are so many things God has done through our prayers; yet there is so much more that he wants to do. You ask, "How much longer?" Until the glory of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea! Until revival comes.


Ethiopia and Sudan: "The Greatest Movement of God I have seen in my Lifetime"
NCN Staff/Teresa Neumann Reporting (Apr 28, 2006) Breaking Christian News


Nazarene missionaries Howie Shute and his wife Betty, claim they are seeing "the greatest movement of God" they have ever seen in Ethiopia and Sudan.


 "I've just returned from the Ethiopian South Central District, where I have personally witnessed the greatest movement of God that I have seen in my lifetime," notes Mr. Shute. "For some time now, we have been establishing a strategy that facilitates church planting movements. What I saw throughout the South Central District is nothing short of a real miracle."

"Churches are planting churches that are planting churches. I would visit one church and I would find that it was less that one year old. Then I would go to another church and find that this church had been planted by the previous church where I had just visited. Then I would go to another church and find that this one had been planted by the second church. The first church had become a 'grandmother' in less than one year.


"Bible studies are beginning everywhere. Our zone leaders and area leaders are teaching and strengthening the Bible studies with regular teaching. Many respond to the evangelistic appeal of the JESUS film and join Bible studies, which disciple new believers. The believers then form a church.


"The new church plants another church. It's amazing. There are evangelists on the road and in the bush everywhere, all planting Bible studies and churches. They continue despite lack of money. Sometimes the JESUS film evangelists walk miles and miles over mountains and through the valleys to get the film equipment to another Bible study.


"Last year this district planted 100 new churches. This year they have planted 100 new churches in only six months, and this does not count more than 50 Bible studies in process to become churches. Ask the leaders how many churches they will plant in the next 12 months, and they will answer with complete confidence, '1000 new churches.' Somehow our Nazarenes in Ethiopia have grabbed a hold of Jesus' promise in John 14:12 that they will do even greater things than what Jesus did during his ministry on earth.


"And it is not only in Ethiopia that this movement is taking place. In Sudan we are having thousands upon thousands accept Jesus as Savior. We expect a minimum of 400 new churches in Sudan this year. The Nazarenes in the Horn of Africa believe they will plant thousands of churches. Our leaders are teaching holiness to these new churches.


"Pastors and congregations are being persecuted, but they are faithful to God's call to preach this message. The great miracle of Pentecost was 3,000 new believers in one day, but we have had 20,000 in one day praying for their sins to be forgiven. Our mission is to facilitate church planting movements in every people group in the Horn of Africa. Of course, this does not happen without great opposition from the enemy … I have not told you about our problems, but, nonetheless, God is at work. If God is for us, who can be against us? Please pray for us."



We had a wonderful time with bro Howard during his Time in Lautoka, Fiji. He did 2 nights of teaching and one night crusade out in a Indian settlement. We saw about 55 people turned out saw, 6 decisions for Christ which was a blessing if 1 soul comes to Christ heaven rejoices please do pray for us in Fiji.
God Bless
Ps Levani,
Lautoka, Fiji


ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.
BEAUTY PARLOR: A place where women curl up and dye.
CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people.
CHICKENS: The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.
COMMITTEE: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.
DUST: Mud with the juice squeezed out.
EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.
INFLATION: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.
MOSQUITO: An insect that makes you like flies better.
RAISIN: Grape with a sunburn.
SECRET: Something you tell to one person at a time.
SKELETON: A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.
TOOTHACHE: The pain that drives you to extraction.
TOMORROW: One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
YAWN: An honest opinion openly expressed.
WRINKLES: Something other people have. You have character lines.
I have had a good laugh! Hope you h