My apologies for being off-line for a week or more. I lost my site and all emails as a result (long story) but this morning (21 Jan) it all came back on line. I am currently up in Northern California and it is such a key time here, and I know that I am here at a key time with many changes ready to take place.

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Great books read of late: Everything must Change (McLaren) and The Power of Spirit (Owen). The latter is not a Christian book but a secular one on transition....

I posted on January 2nd a post for 2008 which I enclose below. Since making that post I note so many have spoken of 2008 in relation to an open gate.

2008… a year marked by the open gate

Does God move in year spans? No - he is the eternal one. Yes - he visits us in our world and our time-frame.

Does God do something new? No - he is continuing to outwork consistently his purposes toward the new creation. Yes - he works with us and as we come to a new place so we come into something fresh. His activity and our response is tied together.

For those reasons then I do believe it is appropriate to look to the Lord for a perspective for the coming year. There are times when perspectives released set something in motion, with the fuller manifestation taking place later than the release. So, there are possibilities that some of what is proclaimed by people for 08 might be released but the effects only felt (for example) in 09.

Also inevitably the perspectives I give are more Euro-centric than global.

In 2007 I carried a perspective that we had to face and deal with the fear of consequences, that we could not simply move forward on the basis that what we would give ourselves to would be ’successful’. The year has proved to be very fruitful for me personally, and even within a few days of the year ending I was able to take a step that begins to set something in motion for this coming year.

(As I was coming to the close of typing what follows I was forwarded by Lloyd Cooke an email which I have not read in detail from Mark Stibbe about the coming year, entitled: 2008 IS THE YEAR OF THE GATE.)

For the year to come I saw an open gate, now I am not sure what the difference between an open door and an open gate is, but I consider that perhaps the different emphasis is to do with a new entrance to a ‘field’ rather than to a building / new level… The first 9-10 months of this coming year is the final part of repositioning, and it seems to me that the new positioning that is to open up is in relationship to the calling of people into the field of their work and alignment to God’s world.

Because this next season is for strategic repositioning I also expect there to be some movement right at the end of that window (Aug-Oct), with a number of people deciding that it is time for a move. Repositioning does not necessarily mean physical movement but that is one sign of repositioning.

So 2008… there is a gate to be found, and many will experience that the gate is not in the place where they expected it to be. They will find themselves being led to the gate through people they did not expect. Sensitivity during and after the event will be required. This is not primarily a sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit where revelation comes beforehand, but where there is a sensitivity to what has just happened - a realisation that the Lord has just been in something / a meeting / an experience. Reflection on what has taken place will be one of the keys to understanding the leading of the Spirit. It will be a season of learning to reflect, of processing. This will teach a new level of discernment that will be necessary for the days ahead. A major part that God is developing now in the prophetic is that of interpreting the signs.

Another major aspect is that the gate is not simply impersonal for the gate is Jesus himself. It will be necessary to discern the presence of the Lord in new places, not just in the familiar, and even in people who are not the familiar. Be prepared to be stretched… even for those who believe they are radical will find that they are going to be challenged not to settle down.

It will be a season for major shifts for those in the 45-55 year age bracket. This will include new avenues of service and also for some it will seem that they lose their way for a season, and seem to take a pathway of irrelevance, but will then find that the Lord is found in the desert. This will not however be a long season, for that pathway has been well-trodden by many since 2002.

For those who have been pursuing the pathway the Lord set for them, and a pathway that took them away from the limelight, they will become those who can release the current stories, and will cause the hearts to rise with hope again. A year of HOPE…. is coming. The playful sounds of the children of God will rise in this coming year. Those who have walked in obedience will stand as the people the Lord has made them to be. What has often looked as an experience of poverty in their past will turn out to be a richness that many will feast from.

In 98 I first prophesied about monastic communities rising up and this year there will be an increase in the new-monastic style communities, with establishing of inter-linked places that will not be held together in an organisation. Islands and Ireland will find a new identity this year. I believe one of the signs will be a new publication on the history of Ireland that will seek to present a new ‘reading’ of the past.

On the international scene Turkey will be both pulled and squeezed. There will be an increased level of change (call it modernisation if you wish) in the nation, but at the same time a call to go back to a more conservative perspective. Egypt as a gateway nation will be a key nation to watch and will take some unusual positioning on the international scene. I see major governmental change being set up here. There are new alignments taking place in and for the middle east. Brazil will continue to be a sign. Major investment is coming to that land as favour continues to rest on the nation.

I hope the above comments, find a measure of resonance… please feel free to post any comments.
Blessings for this new year.