FIRE & LIGHTNING...Signs and Wonders Over Waco...
You Saw It on CNN!

Kelly Deppen
Bridges Revelatory Ministry
February 18, 2009

I have just returned from experiencing five days of AWE in Waco, Texas.

It was my privilege to speak at an event hosted in Waco at Fire and Lightning Ministries.  F&L is one of the first authentic marketplace ministries I have experienced.  It was here in Waco on Friday and Saturday that Holy Spirit began a release of a Fresh Glory Reality that will abide and increase in Waco, Texas.

Holy Spirit released the Reality of the Glory Realm in our Friday and Saturday meetings.  I released the Parabolic Reality of Our Co-locational Lives:  We are spiritual beings who are at all times located in the presence of God in heaven---we are seated in Christ Jesus in heavenly places.  We are also spiritual beings who are sent into the physical realm of earth to transform the darkness into the Illuminated Realm of Glory...."may it be on earth as it is in heaven."

Jerry Phillips of JPM and our apostolic father and apostolic accountability,  Released the Reality of the Establishment of God's Plumb Line in Waco and in all the earth:  You and I, the sons and daughters of God.  We are all called to stand as His Plumb Line of LOVE in all spheres of our lives.  Jerry also established us all in the current and eternal Reality of the Sure Mercies of David, rolling back all reproach, failure and accusation off of our lives and ministries.

On Saturday night we realized that Jesus wanted us to Release this Fresh Glory Reality into the Region of Waco for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  At this point our meeting became alive, open and interactive with many persons decreeing freedom, forgiveness and mercy to all people groups in Waco.  Love, mercy and righteousness were established in our hearts and in us as a united people of God.

On Sunday morning I was sleeping in the lovely home of Mark and Patty Short, co-founders with Sara Ortiz of Fire and Lightning.  I was startled awake by a booming voice from the sky, then I heard a powerful apostolic "Yes" being boomed from Jerry as he led a prayer in the Short's living room.  The atmosphere of Waco was unmistakeably impacted by something from out of the Realm of Heaven.

We were then given a promise from the Lord that we had seen and participated in the Glory Atmosphere of Heaven and the Reality of Jesus impacting and changing the region of Waco and all persons in the region.  Patty and I prophesied in the wee-hours of the morning of Monday, February 16, 2009:  "This is the year when we will see signs confirming in the heavens and signs following in the heavens."

As I stood in DFW airport waiting to board my flight to Philadelphia I saw the CNN report on the overhead TV monitor:   FIERY OBJECT BLAZES THROUGH SKY

The fireball flew through the heavens in the same moments that apostolic decrees were made that Waco and all her people would see the Glory of the Lord.

What an awesome, faithful Father we have.  How wonderful it is that He chooses to Reveal Himself to us!

"God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?"  Hebrew 2:4

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Love, Awe and the Reality of Jesus to Everyone!