The Lord He is great to all of us, as Brother David said this words,"Let no man's Heart fail on account of (him),this word (him) can give us many interpretations.

The devil.

your situations.

the world you live in,

economical crisis,never lose your heart not even at once.

Here we can see another example,II Kings 6:17

Then Elisha prayed and said "O Lord i pray,open his eyes that he may see."may the Lord open your eyesight,that you will see different,view things different,having different pespective,different Faith in this moments that we are living in.

i would like to call your attention to all my supporters we will be having "Different Eyesight,"Conference in Feb.the 25th to the end of that weekend  in New Orleans,LA.Please make your plans and join us.

You will be blessed.

In his grace.