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I have been giving some thought to this question recently and here is what I believe that GOD has shown me -

What is GOD After in His Church?

1 He is after something where Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He is after something that is led and controlled by Him, not men. Throughout Church history, GOD has often initiated something and then man soon takes it over; tries to organize it and control it; and GOD leaves the scene.

2 He is after something that gets people out of religion and programs - and challenges them to develop a deep, personal, intimate relationship with GOD.

3 He is after something that will be built on GOD-ordained relationships - and all needs (parenting children, evangelism, discipling converts, caring for the elderly, etc., etc.,) are met thru GOD-ordained relationships, not programs.

4 He is after something that will release all believers into their
wholeness, giftings, ministries, and destiny.

5 He is after something that will recognize and enhance the GOD-ordained importance of the family.

6 He is after something that will work under any circumstances - urban, suburb, rural, free society, Communism, Islam, etc.

7 He is after a ³new wine skin² that can catch and preserve the ³new wine² that GOD is pouring out.

8 He is after something that is so simple and GOD-led that it can grow, divide, multiply, and cover the earth. He is after something that will result in the Gospel being taken to every nation, language, people group, neighborhood, family, and individual on the face of the earth.

9 He is after something that will be a glorious, beautiful Bride,
prepared for His Return.

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