Here ia a praise report. Walter, Paul and myself recently went out to evangelize while Mary Ann and Sherrie interceded. The Heavens where open and GOD has went before us and prepared the way. We where able to experience the birth of 2 new Family members. Praise GOD the KINGDOM of GOD's population has increased by 2 and the angels where surely rejoicing. But also, the kingdom of darkness has decreased by 2, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dawn had a woman tell her there was going to be a great ingathering of the saints from 6/18/07 through to 7/1/07. The harvest is truly ready for reaping. I encourage you all, share your faith in Jesus to those around you. Ask them if they need prayer, invite them a fellowship, bless them as GOD leads. Be bold, Be vigilant... GOD is with us and we cannot fail.............. Love you all very much. Marshall