Look for a developed hunger for intimacy. This is our watch. Remain faithful. Listen with love, praise, and thankfulness. Speak grace. Write the vision. Walk in the Holy Spirit. Fire is in the hour. Each moment is aflame with love. Lead with the Shepherd by your side. Go into all the world and preach Good News. Pure streams flow from yielded vessels. Be kind. Remain firm in your faith. New birth is joy for harvest. Hate evil and seek the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Salt and light is to shine and dine. Eat the living bread that gives life. Drink at the stream from the throne of God. Stephen saw Jesus at God's right hand. Do not be afraid of those who can hurt and destroy. Fear the Lord and pursue righteousness, peace, and joy. Life is God's gift to the Church. All things are made new. Run the race looking to Jesus. Continue to praise with hearts full of mercy. Mercy is in 2008. Worthy is the lamb to receive glory, honor, and praise. Honor the Holy Spirit. Embrace Father and receive eternal life. Expect his company in all you do this year.

Redemptive grace is in your voice as you speak to him in your time of worship. Worshiper, your prayers thunder during the storm. Peace be still! The praise of God is a continual flow in your deepest thoughts. You have pressed into the heart of the Father. Hold fast to the grace you have received. His word has healed you. Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. Give him glory. Amazing grace is the sweet saving of the sinner. Let praise define your years on this earth. Angels look upon you with joy. He is at the right hand of the Father. He is faithful and true. Speak words of love to him. Sing with all your heart to the one who has saved you. Remember the hour you first believed. Bow before him. Honor him. The glory of the Lord is shining mercy. Give him your thankful heart. Behold the Lamb who has taken your sins away. Love must reign. Surrender every part so he can make you whole. Hallelujah! Your cross has his glory. You will be true to the end. Do not allow the enemy to trouble you. You have received favor. Jesus covers you. Open eyes see his goodness. Breathe the atmosphere of faith from the corridors of heaven. Live! Give glory.