Praise God yes,  I'm back and will be posting again continuing Reading through the Bible with Esther on Monday.
Many commentaries and Bible studies concerning Esther have been written based on Tradition instead of Scripture. As a result we must look at the book of Esther and place it back into it's historical and prophetic significance to the nation of Israel, the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ and the world.  
First let us remember the Jews found in the book of Esther were no longer in captivity. The Captivity had ended and as we saw in previous books many Jews had been obedient and returned to Israel. Many did not. Such is the case of the Jews who stayed behind during king Ahasuerus' reign of the Persia and Media Empire.
What we must ask is why they stayed behind. For this we need not look far. The same predicament faces Jews today living in the Diaspora across the world. The Bible clearly states that the Lord would call and return His people back to their land in the latter times. These are those times. Yet millions of Jews remain in foreign lands of their own will. Others cannot afford to move to Israel. 
Most have become accustomed and comfortable with the freedoms and luxuries of the lands to which they dwell particularly in what is now freely known as North America, the United States being the center of this union.
There are more Jews in New York and California than any other places in the U.S. Though we cannot go into this more deeply at this time we will be looking into it if the Lord says the same after we have finished walking through the Bible.
I really needed a break for awhile. We went through the book of Revelation first and then started again at Genesis and will end in the New Testament with Jude.
The Lord has also been establishing a few other things for me. Preparation for something ahead. I have always avoided marketing and advertising Women at Jesus Feet/Reading Through the Bible and have kept it seperate from my personal interests for good reason since the Lord moved it online in 2002. Not to allow the lines to get crossed.
Monday I will be posting the book of Esther after this nearly four month leave of absence. So stay tuned and God bless you for your patience and prayers for me and this little ministry over the years.
I love you and you are in my heart and prayers...
Because of Jesus,
Your Sister in Christ