Christmas Outreach 2009

Christmas Present Giveaway Testimony!

This year’s Christmas Present Giveaway was AWESOME! We had the wonderful privilege to partner with Zion College & All Nation’s Church. We provided training in the first part of this year through some teaching and practical application as they joined us on the east side of Charlotte for a few “Kids Connections”. It’s been wonderful to see how the “Power Generation” children’s outreach has grown.

This year we were able to get several hundred gifts donated to give out on the outreach day. I want to thank Urban Restoration, Messiah Lutheran, and Grace Covenant for all of your donations. Grace Covenant’s youth group donated several hundred candy bags and volunteered at the actual event. The youth were wonderful and we were blessed to have them be a part. We had over 100 volunteers sign up and show up for the event. Yea God!

The outreach was powerful and many had an encounter with the LOVE OF GOD. I wanted to share two testimonies that were powerful. As the altar call was given several people came forward to give their lives to Christ. One particular young lady who came forward was the teenage daughter of one of our awesome bus drivers. I knew this girl from other events but she never engaged too much, but that day she had an encounter with the love of God. She came forward on her own and gave her heart to Jesus. It was a sincere and powerful conversion that was prompted by God’s love. At the same time, her mom came up for prayer as well. When I asked her what she needed prayer for, she began to tell me that her and her daughter’s relationship was very strained. I took both of them, had a group hug, and asked God to pour out His love in a fresh and real way. It was blissful as everyone began to cry and God’s love began to touch each of their hearts. God is a God of restoration. Yea God!

Another testimony is a young man who came up for prayer for healing. I asked him what the problem was and he said, “My knees have been hurting me from football”. I got down on my knees and laid my hands on his and prayed for him. After praying, I asked, “What are you feeling?” He said, “The pain is leaving” I said, “Start jumping up and down.” As he began to jump, you could see the amazement in the seven year old’s face. He had an encounter with the love of God.

Presents are wonderful and I am so thankful for all of those who donated to this outreach, but having an encounter with the love of God is PRICELESS. Many were touched powerfully and on that day the Kingdom of God was advanced by His love through us, all of us.
Carmen and I want to personally thank all of you for your prayers and financial support. The testimonies and pictures you hear and see are because of your prayers and monies donated. Your account in heaven is credited with the lives of those who are touched in the midst of these outreaches. THANK YOU! Happy New Year!


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