Christ’s Hope International, PRAYER REPORT for February 2010

****Day of Prayer and Fasting****Monday, February 1, 2010****

Christ’s Hope International - INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS

Tony and Catherine Duran:
“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 NIV

* Thank you Lord for the many blessings during our 10 weeks back in the USA October 2009 to January 2010.
This included success in fundraising, health and strength, storage for personal affects, accommodations and the use of a vehicle while in the USA, rest and vacation time with friends and family and rental arrangements of our house.
* We have been filled up to overflowing once again. So it is with tanks full and vision renewed that we are returning to our family and friends in Namibia.
* We are very excited that Lifebridge Church is sending a team to Namibia this July to work on projects, minister to youth and children and be genuine servants of the Lord!

* Our good transition and re-entry into the work world in Namibia
* Smooth transition into new job positions and responsibilities
* Our family we are leaving behind—that the Lord would keep them safe in His capable hands

Christ’s Hope International - D. R. Of CONGO

* For His faithfulness in guiding us. We have had many moments during the past two months where we didn't know any more how to move forward.
* With prayer as our most serious weapon, God guided us again and again. How amazing it is to be guided by Him!
* For His protection on a daily basis. DRC is still a place where safety is not 100% guaranteed (which is probably the case in all African Nations). We're very often in taxis which are in terrible condition with drivers that do unbelievable things. However, every time, God brings us home safely. The National Office, where it is known by many that which white people area living there, has always been kept safe! We thank God for His protection.
* We praise God again for our health. We have always been kept from any disease, malaria or whatsoever. Thank God for this.
* We praise God for the safe arrival of the 4x4 car in Kinshasa. After it arrived, we got it very soon in Kinshasa. Apart from some items that were stolen from the car, there were no other complications. The car arrived safely at our office with no further complications which is again a sign of His hand on it all.
* We praise God for Glenn’s parents who were in Kinshasa between November and December. God gave them good and safe travel. They were in Kinshasa for almost four weeks and they did so much work for us! We were very blessed by their presence. We experience daily the blessing of a new bathroom with a shower ... WITH HOT WATER. We thank God for these amazing blessings which He gave us while they were with us.
* We praise God that we could move into the Country Office. We now live by ourselves and this brings much blessing and possibilities for ministry.
* We stand in awe for what God did in the process of forming a Board of Trustees. He entrusted to us a team of seven extremely qualified people. We are all on the same page as far as their function goes and they already took quite a number of responsibilities on their shoulders.
* We thank God for His faithfulness in providing Glenn and Esther’s personal support. So far they have received all they needed to live and work as Ministry Coordinators in DRC.
* We thank God that He provided by extending their visas until the end of March 2010. A member of the Board of Trustees is undertaking to get the long-term visas approved.
* We thank God for the young boy living with us at the office. He's an orphan whom we 'picked up' from the street after having worked with him on the street for a few months. He is a huge blessing to us and we may help him to grow to independence.
* For His continuous guidance, wisdom and direction. Building up a Ministry is just impossible for us. If He doesn't guide and provide, we can't move on.
* For His clear guidance in putting together a Strategic Plan for 2010. Pray that we may seriously seek God and that He may clearly speak to us as to what to set as goals and what to do in 2010.
* For His continuous protection of our health and safety.
* For His provision so that we can cover all the anticipated and “surprise accounts”
* For the possibility to install a internet connection at the office. It would safe us a lot of time, it would upscale our communication and it would spare our computers (not having to take them out all the time in sometimes bad transport conditions). Pray that He will clearly indicate to us how to move on with this. There is a strong operator with a very good service but only to install the net. We’ll need about 800US$. The monthly cost will be around 150US$ a month. It's a lot of money but as you all know, the internet has become a key in good communication.
* For our relation with the new Board of Trustees and for their engagement. Pray that all they promised will not be only words. Pray that they'll really take ownership of Christ's Hope and feel responsible for what is happening.
* Pray for the serious release of in-country funds. There is money, we just need to find the ways to get it donated toward the ministry of Christ's Hope so that we can expand our activities.
* Please pray that God will release the right people to us. We need people ready to work with us on a full-time basis as well as good volunteers. Pray that He will send whom we need and keep away those with wrong intentions.
Thanks for standing with us in prayer before the Father,
Glenn and Esther

Christ’s Hope International - GERMANY

* That all is well with our German staff and that Gisela is slowly recovering from her operation.
* God opened doors for us to exhibit the ministry at three big mission conferences this year.
* That we can present the ministry of Christ’s Hope International Germany on a German Christian radio station, which broadcasts country wide.
* That God brought someone along who is coaching Sören in important areas of his ministry

* Pray for wisdom and guidance in running the German ministry and expanding it.
* For wisdom on how to handle and counsel our volunteers and their problems
* Please pray for more funds to do what we believe the Lord wants us to do.
* Please pray for the urgent need of a laptop for our Country Director.
* For Julia, that she has new energy and wisdom in planning the OVC training, taking place the first two weeks of February.
* Pray that Julia has a good and successful home visit to Germany in February/March to catch up with family, friends and her church, as well as for fundraising.
Many blessings, Sören

Christ’s Hope International - KENYA

From the Directors Desk
* We in Kenya are praising God for good health, guidance, protection and not forgetting the many blessing that we experienced throughout last year.
* We praise Him for good working relationship between nationals and internationals.
* We praise God for the good 4x4 vehicle He provided for our ministry.
* We praise God for Denise’s trip back home to the USA and her safe return to Kenya.
* We praise God for giving us a new year to serve him.

* Pray for the entire ministry in Kenya that more people will come to know Jesus this year
* Pray that God may give us a long term volunteer who can be a missionary to continue with the work in Nairobi.
* There are many schools interested in CtW in the Western Province of Kenya. Pray that God will raise up trained teachers to use this wonderful opportunity.

Care and Compassion

* Praise God for the patients who are doing well particularly Don and Silvanus
* Praise God for the local and international volunteers, they are serving well
* Praise God for those who have opened their souls to the Word of God and received Him

* Pray for the patients who are very weak and in hospitals (Peter, Bob, Quinter soon having surgery and Charles also awaiting surgery.)
* Pray for the families of the patients who died, (Philex 13 years old died on Christmas day.)
* George Wanje, one of our C&C volunteers lost his 2 year old daughter Ashley, pray that God will heal and comfort them .

Choose to Wait

* Praise God for the many youths who signed pledges the end of last year.
* Praise God for the many open doors to share CtW; there is a great demand to teach the truth.

* Pray for the two CtW teachers in Kisumu; there are more schools to teach in than they can handle.
* Pray for Edith as she starts on a new class at a village youth polytechnic with 45 students and also for the continuation of the teaching in ROCK children’s home for 20 teenagers.
* Pray for John as he looks into a chance to start in new schools.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

* Praise God for the two partner schools; they opened their schools and those special children are doing well.
* Praise God for Edith and Anne as they serve the youths of these schools
* Praise God for keeping His promise by remaining the Father to the fatherless.

* Pray with us for wisdom and discernment concerning the starting of a Ministry CarePoint (MCP)
* Pray that God will give us long term volunteers to come and help us to establish many MCP’s
* Pray that local volunteers will come along side us and serve God with us.
* Pray for the many orphaned children who do not have much hope for the future.

Christ’s Hope International - NAMIBIA

* God continues to protect and keep us safe in the ministry in Namibia, and we are forever grateful for His continuous love and protection. Staff and children are enjoying general good health.
* We thank God for all the staff in Namibia, who are faithfully serving Him, sometimes under very trying circumstances.
* We are grateful to God for the families who took the Okahandja Ark children in.
* Despite the many trials and hardships we face, we know that God is still in control and we need not fear anyone or any situation.
* We thank God for a successful Summer Camp in Oshikuku.
* We also praise the Lord for granting staff and children travelling mercies during the month of January.
* We thank God for the Ark Keetmanshoop under the leadership of Christiaan and Rita, currently this is the only ministry centre with the least challenges, apart from the uncertainty of Christiaan and Rita’s continued stay in Namibia.

* We continue to pray and trust God for Christiaan and Rita’s work permit approval.
* Due to a major lack of funding for various programs and a huge lack of staff, we are forced to stop many of our programs. Please pray for the necessary funds and people so that we can continue with our programs soon. Last year we served approximately 75 children daily in Oshikuku and about 40 adults. We unfortunately had to stop due to a lack of funds. In Rehoboth we had about 100 children weekly in our program, but can no longer continue. We closed down the Ark Okahandja by the end of December 2009. We need funding to maintain the buildings and starting an OVC ministry. Please pray for an outpour of the Lord’s financial provision in order for us to restart the programs.
* Apart from the lack of funds for ministry, we also need small and big renovations to be done at the various ministry centers. Please pray for the construction teams in the USA, who have shown keen interest to come and serve the ministry in this way this year.
* We are still struggling to sell the Oshikuku vehicle in order to replace it. Please pray for funds so that we can trade it in for a new vehicle.
* The Country Office faces various challenges; the most urgent need is competent people. Do pray that God will call workers who are competent and will be faithful and committed to serve Him through Christ’s Hope Namibia.

Christ’s Hope International - SOUTH AFRICA

* We thank God for the wonderful time of rest we all had over the Christmas period.
* One of the Christian Schools has opted to put Choose to Wait in their Bible Education curriculum, starting this year. It will be taught in a Grade of the Primary and High School.
* There will be more CtW teacher training done in February by Ingo and we are grateful for those who have indicated the desire to become Choose to Wait teachers.
* Ewan (Steering Committee Chair)and his wife, Liezl, became proud parents of a baby boy in December. We praise God that all went well.

* Please pray as we are continuing to seek a Choose to Wait Coordinator in South Africa.
* We ask God to grant us new opportunities to present the Choose to Wait program to Schools and Churches.
* Mike and Kim desire to work with the orphans and vulnerable children. Pray for insight and clarity as they seek God's guidance for a community in which to start a work.
* Please pray for the many Christian institutions and organisations that are going to be involved with doing outreach during the Soccer World Cup, in June/July 2010.

Christ’s Hope International - TANZANIA

* We thank God for His protection and His provision.
* We praise God for the provision of food for our OVC feeding programme.
* Praise God for the transformed lives and the opportunity to share the gospel of our Lord both in schools and street ministry.
* We praise God that through teacher Nyanza, we got the opportunity to bring about 20 of our boys who live in the street to the public primary school. This to us is a step of excellence in our care.
* We praise God for the open doors at Eden primary school, where CtW and In-depth courses will be facilitated.
* We thank God that He enabled us to get our landline phone connected and therefore we have a more reliable internet connect (broadband).
* We praise God for opportunity to share the ministry of CtW with young people in several high schools, and we thank God that out of nine teachers who went through a CtW teachers training five of them share the message of CtW

* Pray that we get enough supplies of the basic school needs like books, uniforms, etc. as our children prepare to enrol to attend school. Pray that God will provide us with all the needs that come along for school and the well-being of the children.
* Pray for the Choose to Wait trainee teachers. Pray for the wisdom and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, as they practice to teach that they will be and bring about a cycle breaking generation.
* Pray that God will appoint an international volunteer especially a couple who will answer the call to come and serve long term in Tanzania.
* Our ministry is in need of a car for transport for the day to day ministry activities. Pray that we will get the extra funds for a suitable car.
* Pray that God will continue to supply food and resources for our OVC ministry; our aim is to give them at least a hot meal once every day. Due to limited resources we meet only twice a week, that’s the only time they get to be given a hot meal.
* Pray that we will be able to equip our office with the furniture and equipment that we need for the day to day activities. At the moment we are in need of a camera, copier, scanner and a fax machine.
* Pray for God’s wisdom, strength, health and provisions as we faithfully continue to serve HIM.


Christ’s Hope International - THE NETHERLANDS

* Since last December we have a new Public Relations Coordinator, Gea Polinder, who studied journalism.
* 'Schaats Je Wezenloos' ( a mobile ice-skating rink ) has two new Coordinators Henri Ruitenberg Jr ( professional skater) and Manfred Vlieger ( student logistics ).
* Five businesses made it possible for us to own our own mobile ice-skating rank for fundraising.
* The first schools and churches have agreed that we can take our skating rink to them to promote our ministry.
* Peter Leenhouts is our new Praises and Petitions Coordinator

* That many kids will get sponsors to skate for the benefit of the orphan's and widows we serve in Africa.
* Volunteers to promote the “Schats Je Wezenloos” programme.
* Wisdom for the Management Team and Board of Trustees.
Peter Leenhous

Christ’s Hope International - UNITED KINGDOM

* We thank our Father that our many donors continue to give faithfully month by month to support the ministry in Africa.
* We give thanks for the safe arrival of Ania from the UK in Namibia

* Please pray for Ania as she settles into her role in Oshikuku and that God may use her to bless those that she works with.
* Please pray for all those considering volunteering in the future from the UK that God will make himself and His plans fully known to them.
* Please pray for the UK Board as they continue to seek the Lord’s direction for the future.

Christ’s Hope International - UNITED STATES

* Praise for Denise and Dave being able to represent Christ's Hope to thousands of students at Urbana Mission Conference last month. Many came by the booth and there are several who are investigating coming on board with Christ’s Hope to serve in one of our Ministry Countries! Praise the Lord for the group of long term volunteers that have expressed interest to join us!
* For the safe return of Tony and Catherine and Denise to their countries of ministry.
* For the gift of an upgraded accounting system and all those who have worked diligently to work through all the technology obstacles.

* For the team that is in Kenya now from Traverse City. Pray for Heidi, Olivia and Andy who are returning to Kenya for the third time to teach Choose to Wait and encourage the full time staff there. Pray especially for their safety as they travel up to the Ugandan border to visit the Pokot tribe.
* For wisdom for the Lord's leading for Tony and Catherine as they settle back into life in Namibia, and find the ministry opportunities that He would have them do.
* For our friend and founding Board member of Christ's Hope, George Udvari, in the loss of his dear wife, Linda.
* For wisdom and discernment as we talk with the candidates from Urbana desiring to serve long term.
* For Joanne's Visa to be approved so she can return to Namibia.

Christ’s Hope International - ZAMBIA

We would like to thank God for:
* The schools who allowed us to continue to teach CtW in their schools this year.
* The dedicated Peer Educators who are ready to work with us this year.
* The funds that came from the USA for personal support and office admin and operations.
* The wonderful partnership between Apex Church and the ministry in Zambia.

* We would like you to pray with us that enough funding will become available to meet all our needs for ministry and personal support.
* Pray that the work started by the IO staff, assisting the Zambian ministry may continue and yield good results .
* Pray with us as we continue the good work in the schools that it may yield results this year and that we will find resources to motivate the volunteers who are working with us in teach the Choose to Wait curriculum.
* Pray with us that we may continue to work with the community in the C&C ministry even though our support to them in terms of supplements has reduced drastically and that we may be able to raise sufficient funds to meet some of their needs.

Thank you, Tim

Christ’s Hope International - ZIMBABWE

* Hilde has settled in well, despite some hurdles that we faced regarding immigration. These, however, have now been settled. We've been able to do some work together in the Care & Compassion, the Choose to Wait and the Orphans & Vulnerable Children's ministries. She is most helpful and has had opportunity to present the Choose to Wait message to a Kids' Club and at a Youth Camp.
* Hannah Ncube, a three-month-old orphan, is being looked after by an aunt. She is doing well. We were able to source infant milk for her from a sister organisation, ZOE.
* We were able to run a Choose to Wait teachers' workshop from Monday 18 to Friday 22 January 2010. There were 14 participants who are committed to teach the programme in their churches and other places. We hope to report their activities soon.
* Another sister organisation requested us to run a Choose to Wait workshop for them from 8 to 12 February. We thank God for opportunities for the expansion of this ministry. There is a possibility that yet another workshop will be in April or May.
* We thank God because some of these workshops are at the behest of other organisations, thus any costs on our part are minimal.

* We are trusting the Lord that our sponsors in the Orphans & Vulnerable Children's ministry will continue as they did last year.
* We also need sponsorship for the other two ministries, Choose to Wait and Care & Compassion. We are failing to help some clients in practical ways as we do not have any resources at all. Local donations are still not forthcoming.
* The enemy seems to have targeted our Internet and power with a vengeance. We often fail to connect long enough to receive or download emails. Our electricity is rationed for at least eight hours per day! However, we do sometimes manage to get/send emails though are struggling. Thank you for your prayers.
* The Country Director is still the ONLY member of staff in Christ's Hope, Zimbabwe. Please pray that the Project Proposals we submitted for additional staff be approved next month. The effects of not having enough staff are heightened at times like this when we have International Volunteers as this means the Country Director has to drive the volunteers wherever they have to go since they are in unfamiliar territory. This is work added to the CD's normal workload, including coordinating activities in the OVC, C&C and CtW ministries. In January 2010 we were also running a CtW workshop where the CD had to teach as well and, as said above, we have more workshops planned this year. This is not exactly very healthy for a 54 year old man! WE NEED ADDITIONAL STAFF. We often end up compromising quality. Please pray. Thank you.

CD = Country Director
OVC = Our Valuable Children used to be called Orphans and Vulnerable Children
C&C = Care and Compassion
CtW = Choose to Wait