- Joni Ames
You've been through worse than this before
So why are you afraid?
There's not a thing above My Love
That anyone has made
My love for you is strong and true
And it will never die
I died to make sure of that fact
For I would never lie
I say, "ALL things are possible"
Do you not know that's true?
I say there's nothing that means more
Than what I say of you!
Who told you, "You are naked now?"
Who told you, "You will lose?"
Who told you, "You don't have a prayer?"
Who caused for you these blues?
The desert that you're walking in
Will soon come to an end
And you will find me waiting there -
For I am your Best Friend!
Upon My Arm, I'll lead you out
For you can lean on Me
And I will show to you the path
On which you need to be
So do not fear or worry now
As I lift up your head
My glory covers everything
You've nothing you need dread
The enemy has lied to you
To try to make you stop
Don't let his lies discourage you
For I've called you on top
Come on up here, and watch with Me
You'll see My Glory fall
And as it does, there's victory
For My Love won it all
Hold tightly to My Hand today
As I hold tight to you
Remember I Am on your side
And what I say is true!
See that sword above your head?
Now grab in your hand
For with it battles will be won
And I'll redeem your land
What once was held above your head
Is yours for victory
To testify of My Great Love
And how I set you free
Don't be afraid, or in despair
Rejoice in Me, Rejoice!
For this day I've begotten you
And given back your voice
Use your voice, and shout for joy
And hear these words I say
For I'm the one who changes things
And brings a brand new day
Take off the old, put on the new
Do not look at the past
Behold, all things are new for you
With peace and joy to last!
Penned by Joni Ames
11:13 p.m. * Tue., April 1, 2008
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