Christ’s Hope International, Prayer Reports for September 2009

*****Day of Prayer and Fasting **** 7 September 2009***

During the month of August a number of countries have vacation times for rest and special times with family. We are thankful for those able to be refreshed. Yet there are many prayer reports that follow and just a few missing.

International Office.


• For the funding for several of the recently submitted project proposals.
• For funding to purchase a brick making machine which will significantly reduce building costs.
• For the transport company that has committed to transporting the brick making machine from South Africa to Namibia for N$ 700.
• For the Transport company that has agreed to transport Choose To Wait books to South Africa at no charge.
• For the visit of Joh DeVries (Chief Financial Officer) to the International Office in August/September

• For an International Operations Director to be identified and appointed as soon as is possible.
• For Travel safety of the International Director
• For Jos and Sylvia as they make preparations to relocate to Germany.
• For Sylvia teaching Choose To Wait in South Africa in September.
• For wisdom as adjustments are made in the International Office following some staff resignations.
• Funding to complete the building development at the International Office and Training Centre.
• For funding to cover Prayer and Fasting and Country Directors Summit scheduled for January 2010.

Christ's Hope International - D R of CONGO


• For Esther's full recovery from the influenza which kept her in bed for two weeks.
• For the hand-over of keys for the National Office on the10th of August;
• For the work we can do to prepare the National Office so that we can start using it as office and house from mid- September .
• For the money recovered from a dishonest visa agent. We thank God for the return of the US$700 entrusted to this person
• For the bank account that finally is opened


• For wisdom, courage and funds to prepare the National Office. It's an old house needing a lot of work. We need a Godly solution and wisdom in this whole process. Pray that God will release the needed funds at His time.
• For good health. Glenn has some problems with a skin infection at this moment. Pray also for protection in general, when we go to live in the new National Office.
• Pray that God to raise up the right persons at the right time who will actively work with to us.
• For that car that is in Belgium and that needs to be delivered to Kinshasa.

Christ’s Hope International – GERMANY

• Christ’s Hope Germany has a new Country Director
• The new Director, Soeren and family found a place to live and are richly blessed by God with all things needed for a new start in Germany
• The Building Team did amazing work in the house in Herborn.
• Funds for the building are coming in
• A Volunteer Training scheduled for the end of August.

• Pray that God will intervene and touch the hearts of all people involved in “ein Herz für Kinder'' and the Childrens Home in Oshikuku.
• Funds for the building in Herborn.
• Manpower to get the house finished and ready for use.
• Physical and spiritual strength for all staff members of Christ's Hope Germany


Christ’s Hope International – East Africa Representatives, Kenya

• Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God…….being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. To God be the glory!
• For the prayers of all our many ministry partners and the funding to run the ministry.
• God drawing those we are serving and ministering to unto himself, restoring, transforming and breaking them from cultural strongholds.
• Kenya ManCo meeting held in Aug; much discussed and implemented. As well as completing their five-year strategic plan.
• Kenya CtW level two training completed for three teachers in training Claris, Lydia and Victor. His truth never comes back void.
• Improved communication with Mobilization countries and ability to give clarification and details for East Africa’s approved project proposals.
• For the funding received in fulfilment of proposals for East Africa to help maintain and expand the ministry. We praise God for His provisions!

• For God to raise up and affirm God fearing, faithful, honest, hardworking, passionate and skilled individuals. Both national and international in joining us full time in the ministry in East Africa.
• To follow Matthew 5:37 NIV “let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’, ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” Praying for integrity, faithfulness and accountability within every level of a ministry.
• To be about the Father’s business and being the leaders who ask God what are you doing and joining him in his agenda.
• For the seeds of truth to take root and grow as each C&C client and CtW student and OVC is being discipled, nurtured and loved.
• For an understanding amongst the people of the need to take up their cross and following him.
• Wisdom and discernment as the details and plans for Tanzania CtW training the 24-29th of August come together. Travel mercies and strong health for the Bell’s as they do the training. Bell’s will be in Tanzania through the 3rd of September to assist with the ministry needs and structure.
• Martin and Edith (Kenya Country Director and OVC Coordinator) as they work on their new house in their leave from17th of August – 4th September, and prepare to move.
• Volunteers from UK and Netherlands Gerris Jan, Marrianne, Chris, Anneloes and Maria all serving out of the Kisumu Kenya ministry centre. Pray for safe travels, a servant’s heart and God-centred lives mouldable to learn and follow.
• Productive meetings with East Africa representatives and International Director in September.
• For Assed and Edith as they attend the OVC Conference in Nairobi the end of September.
• Dave and Jen travel mercies as they do their support raising, speaking, visit family and friends while in the US 14th of Sept – 19th of Nov. Also for the tests and doctors appointment for Jen as they work to resolve health issues.
• For rain alleviate suffering due to a drought which currently has 4.5 million being assisted by the government in food supplies. If rain does not come at the next rain season (Nov – Jan) many will perish.

Christ’s Hope International - NAMIBIA

• We thank God for daily strength, good health, provision and protection. He and He alone sustain us.
• We are continuously grateful for all our staff and volunteers many of whom do two or more peoples work! We thank God for their commitment and faithfulness!
• We thank God for the two teams that visited Keetmanshoop and the much needed work they did. Not only did they do valuable work, but they also brought various gifts and donations.
• For the donations which made possible the purchase of a Photocopy machine for the Ark Keetmanshoop.
• As we share and explain the new vision for the Nurturing of Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s ministry, Staff, volunteers and even people in the community are buying into it. We thank God for directing us. We have one couple who is taking two of our children in Foster Care with the possibility of adopting them and a few others who are praying about taking in children.
• Berdian has been invited by PACT and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child welfare to attend the first International Conference on Alternative Care in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a great opportunity for the development of the ministry in Namibia.
• We continue to thank and praise God for all our partners who support the Namibian ministry financially. Your faithful contributions contribute greatly to the maintaining of ongoing ministry.

• We pray and trust God for His protection over staff, volunteers and children.
• We pray for travelling mercies for staff and children who are travelling this holiday and for Berdian who will be travelling to Kenya at the end of the month.
• Do pray for great wisdom as we are developing and implementing the new OVC ministry.
• The Ark Rehoboth and Okahandja are facing serious financial challenges. Do pray for wisdom as we make some serious operational changes in order to survive financially.
• Do pray that God will prepare the hearts of children to whom we minister to on a weekly basis. Also pray that staff and children who are being discipled will grow and mature spiritually.
• Please continue to pray for people to join the ministry. We need leaders and good administrators in almost all areas of the ministry. Pray for people called by God to join us. We need an urgent replacement for Marlene in Rehoboth.
• We continue to trust God for the approval of Work Visas and Permits of volunteers.
• We have been advised to replace the Oshikuku vehicle which has become a financial liability. Do pray that we will soon be able to purchase a new vehicle.

Choose to Wait – National


• Praise the Lord for successful registration for 40 students for Youth Camp. Sponsorship is still coming in, but we are amazed at God’s faithfulness, and trusting for complete funding for this camp.
• Praise for Arandis outreach. We had a great time of fellowship and encouragement with the Choose to Wait message reaching two generations of people – from youth to great-grandmother.


• Pray for changed lives from the ministry at the camp and continued discipleship for the students who attend. Pray for fruitful ministry.
• Pray for the outreach at Gobabis in September with our youth drama/music team. For the challenge to be cycle-breakers in their homes, schools and churches and take a stand for sexual purity – according to Biblical principles.
• Pray for the Choose to Wait teaching taking place throughout the country this last term. Pray that they are so changed that they would make good choices that will lead to strong marriages and healthy families.

Christ’s Hope International - SOUTH AFRICA

• We thank God for the continued enthusiasm among the members of the Committee.
• We are grateful for the opportunity we will have to learn the content of Choose to Wait with Sylvia in September.
• We are grateful for the health we enjoy each day, even with so many Swine flu cases reported in South Africa.
• Please pray for the Choose to Wait teaching taking place 10-12 September 2009 with Sylvia.
• Pray that God would send the right people along to be part of the teaching.
• Pray for journeying mercies for Sylvia as she travels to South Africa.
• Pray for Gerhard as he makes plans to travel to Holland for the meetings in October 2009. May God lead and guide him in his decisions.

Christ’s Hope International - THE NETHERLANDS

• For the nice Summer period with beautiful weather and the opportunity for most people to have some rest
• For all the preparations of the International Board Meeting which will be held in the Netherlands in October

Christ’s Hope International - TANZANIA

• We thank God for His protection and His provision in our lives as a ministry country. God has intervened and provided for our various needs
• We praise God for supplying food for our street children.
• Praise God for the transformed lives in our ministry and the opportunity to share the gospel of our Lord both in schools and street ministry.
• Praise God for the 10 CtW teacher trainees who will have gone through a week’s training on CtW level one and two from the 24 – 29 August 2009.

• Pray for the Choose to wait training 24 to 29 August 2009 that the trainees will apply well what they have learned and pass it on.
• Pray for Dave and Jen as they travel down from Nairobi to help in conducting the training, that God my give them safe return journey, but also a blessed time in Tanzania.
• Our ministry is in need of a car for transport to the day to day ministry activities. Pray that we will get the funds for the suitable one.
• Pray that God will continue to supply food and resources for our street children.

Christ’s Hope International – UNITED KINGDOM
• We continue to give thanks for the many donors who give faithfully month by month to support the ministry in Africa. We continue to be deeply grateful for their faithfulness which allows us to continue to support the ministry in so many countries.

• Please continue to pray for the UK Board as we seek the services of a full time Country Director to represent the ministry

• Please pray for all those considering volunteering in the future that God will make himself and His plans fully known to them.

Christ's Hope International - UNITED STATES of AMERICA

• Over the summer we have been blessed with two staff here, and the very successful Ride for Hope which will fund ongoing ministry in six Ministry nations for the next year.
• Approved to host a booth at Urbana in December 2009 to expose the ministry of Christ’s Hope to 72,000 students who are serious about missions.

• Pray for Mission conferences and speaking opportunities in September.
• Pray for Choose to Wait in the US and wisdom in carrying out its message.

Christ’s Hope International - ZAMBIA

• We would like you to join us in thanking for the following:
• For continued good health of the staff and volunteers
• For the decision that has been made by the USA board to support the work that is going on in Ministry nations.
• Work that has continued in the support groups, though they are not receiving any food supplement.
• For the personal support that has continued coming in for staff and volunteers
• For the work and support of the Christ’s Hope U.K. board to Zambia
• For the patience of our Landlords the Kitwe Central Baptist Church

• We would like you to pray with us for God’s intervention in the following;
• Finances to pay our rentals and run our programmes especially when schools open next term
• Direction for the Christ’s Hope Zambia ministry
• The Commitment of the incoming board to the work of Christ’s Hope Zambia
• More workers to help the ministry reach more people in Zambia
• Support for the staff and volunteers. We need a motivated team to achieve our goals.
• Finances for an air ticket to enable the National Director to travel to the Netherlands for the International Board meeting

Christ’s Hope International - ZIMBABWE

• More doors are opening for Choose to Wait
• The U.S.A. has committed to financial support for our Country Director and ministry for one year.
• Our Youth Rally went well. More than 120 youths from about five churches attended.
• Baby Mchaphisi is doing very well. He has tested NEGATIVE for HIV!
• Blankets and food distributed to orphan families

• No word yet regards the project proposals we submitted
• Need for sponsorship for school fees for orphans

A review of abbreviations used:
CtW Choose to Wait
OVC Orphans and Vulnerable Children
C&C Care and Compassion