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This year many young people have chosen to spend their Spring Festival at home. Instead of the traditional personal New Year greeting they use the internet, SMS, or make a phone call. Couples, especially, like to stay at home. Many literally spend the whole holiday playing mahjong and few people venture out on the streets. Many churches hold their annual evangelistic meeting during the Spring Festival time. We thank the Lord for all of these efforts and pray that the Holy Spirit will cause all the seeds that are sown to grow. May the Lord grant these churches the growth they desire.
Experts say the chief reason for China's high rate of saving is the imbalance in the ratio of males and females. With more boys than girls being born, parents of boys tend to save more to make their son more competitive in the marriage market. Finding a Christian mate is not easy for believers in China. As a result, many parents are not able to "insist" that their children marry within the faith fearing they will be single for life. We pray that all Christian parents would not only pray but also trust God to provide the right companion for their only child.
This year there will be 6.3 million college graduates looking for work compared with the 190,000 in 2009. From now until June is the season for fierce and stressful competition in job hunting in China. Let us pray for Christian college students as they start to search for employment. May the Lord give them peace and confidence that He will provide for them. We pray, too, that those who lead them in college ministries will equip them well in their faith during these last six months before they leave the campus setting.
The president of Taiwan praised the Buddhist charity groups for doing a better job than the government itself by being willing to get involved socially. These charities movilize a large army of volunteers complete with well-publicized strategies that runs as efficiently as enterprises. Many churches are involved with relief and community-based work without getting much publicity. We pray that all churches will be light and salt in the community. We pray, too, that believers will not be discouraged in doing good deeds in the name of Jesus. And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up